Broker-to-broker episode 12

Building Long-Lasting Client Relationships (with Skylar Welch & Tori Doucette) – Episode 12

What value are you providing your clients? Skylar Welch and Tori Doucette from Acadia Lending Group discuss the importance of nurturing your business relationships and acting as a never-ending resource in a client’s life with our host, JP Hussey. It’s all about providing a seamless experience for every party involved in the transaction to gain

Broker-to-Broker Episode 11 with Anthony Casa presented by AIME Group

Preparing for Success in 2020 by Building a Scalable Business (with Anthony Casa) – Episode 11

In a continuously evolving industry, it’s essential to create a mindset that focuses on investing in the future and recruiting a high quality team. AIME Chairman, Anthony Casa, explores in-depth the challenges of building two successful companies within the last decade and stabilizing volume by creating scalable processes to avoid burning out with our host,

Broker-to-Broker Episode 10 with Isabel Williams presented by AIME Group

Utilizing Your Resources To Build A Successful Business (with Isabel Williams) – Episode 10

How invested are you prepared to be in your business? Isabel Williams of We Save Loans discusses the level of responsibility and dedication that is required in order to build a successful company from the ground up with AIME Chairman, Anthony Casa. In this special edition episode, we’ll learn the importance of setting realistic expectations

Broker-To-Broker Episode 9 with Jason Sharon presented AIME Group

The Benefits of Leading With An Entrepreneurial Mindset (with Jason Sharon) – Episode 9

From the beginning, Jason Sharon of Home Loans Inc. has exemplified his ability to be a natural-born leader in all aspects of his career. Throughout his journey, he’s owned other businesses and served many years in the US Navy, but nothing could prepare him for the challenges of diving headfirst into the mortgage broker channel.

Broker-to-Broker episode 9

Building a Solid Foundation for a Successful Business (with Scott Schang) – Episode 8

Description: As a mortgage industry veteran, Scott Schang co-owner of BuyWise Mortgage has seen the highs and lows of the broker business since the beginning. Throughout his career, he’s remained extremely proactive staying versed on all industry trends helping him launch a personal website providing insightful knowledge about everything from mortgages to student loans which generate

Broker-to-Broker episode 7

Solidifying Your Core Values Within The Mortgage Industry (with Jim Black) -Episode 7

All About Jim (2:28)
Work Life Balance (9:52)
Mortgage Business Timeline (15:46)
Building His Team (29:16)
Marketing/Branding (31:56)
Producing & Struggles (38:31)
Future Of The Industry (49:00)
Advice To Brokers (52:38)

Broker-to-Broker episode 6

Achieving the Perfect Balance Between Work and Play (with Shelby Elias) – Episode 6

Introducing Shelby Elias (2:10)
Support Staff & Scaling Your Business (14:51)
Looking at Numbers in Terms of Paying Employees (17:19)
Company Break Down (20:40)
Work-Life Balance (25:02)
Referral Partner Relationships (32:16)
Change in The Industry (37:00)
Future for Independent Mortgage Brokers (47:39)
Shelby’s Advice (47:39)

Broker-to-Broker Episode 5 presented by AIME group hosted by JP hussey

The Grind of an Independent Mortgage Broker Never Stops (with Brett Weiss) – Episode 5

w hard did the industry crash in 2008 hit your mortgage brokerage? It’s imperative to continuously try new things, and figure out ways to be different as an independent mortgage broker.

Episode 4 Broker-to-Broker presented by AIME hosted by JP Hussey

Improving Client Engagement with Face-to-Face Communication (with Peter Galvez) – Episode 4

Description: Stop striving to be the most talented, and start being the most committed. Join our host, JP Hussey, as he chats with Peter Galvez, Broker/Owner of United Wholesale Lending, about the value of getting personal with clients, retail security and the importance of continuously changing the way you think. Why are you not getting

Mortgage Brokers Stepping Into The 21st Century (with Tony Davis) – Episode 3

Description: Is technology the future of the mortgage broker industry? Sit down with our host, JP Hussey, as he chats with Tony Davis, Partner/Senior Mortgage Advisor of Atlantic Home Mortgage, about transitioning to the broker side and using telecommunications to your advantage. It’s all about the now, and continuously testing new, efficient processes. Tony gives

Episode 2 broker-to-broker in conversation with Evan Einhorn

Expanding Your Mortgage Broker Channel (with Evan Einhorn) – Episode 2

Description: What are the essentials to successfully open your own brokerage? Evan Einhorn, President & Loan Officer of Modern Home Lending, dives into the challenges and training it takes to be a mortgage broker/owner with host, JP Hussey. Learning everything from gaining realtor referrals to using social media for branding, you’ll develop the skills you

The Laws of Success in the Mortgage Broker Industry (with Jeremy Harridath) – Episode 1

Jeremy Harridath, owner of PEACE Home Lending, discusses the importance of keeping clients’ needs a top priority, positivity and the ideal work-life balance with our host, JP Hussey. How should we be treating our clients? How do you develop the perfect balance between work and play? Harridath goes in-depth answering these questions, and discussing the key elements to his success as an independent mortgage broker. Tune in to benefit from his advice on making your brokerage better than before.