Building Your Team With Ultimate LOAs (with Sean Caufield) – Episode 63

Growing up, New York Mortgage Broker Sean Caufield had only negative connotations associated with the mortgage industry. As a kid, his parents’ house went into short sale and his grandmother

Optimizing Networking Opportunities For Long-Term Growth (with Teena Broumand) – Episode 62

Now fully coming into her own as a broker, California Mortgage Broker Teena Broumand is taking the next step, with the help of AIME, Brokers Are Better, & Women’s Mortgage

The Key To Longevity, Knowing Niche Guidelines, & Non-QM (with Melinda Payan) – Episode 61

A true mortgage advisor with over 20 years of experience, Florida Mortgage Broker Melinda Payan never says no to a potential client. In the most extreme scenarios, Melinda helps potential

Adapting A Winner’s Mindset (with Amer Bally) – Episode 60

EXPLETIVE WARNING (NSFW) Michigan Broker Owner Amer Bally’s most important principle to success is Authenticity. Customers know when they’re being sold to, and they don’t like it. Be up front,

Putting Systems & Processes In Place FOR EVERYTHING (with Adriana Bates) – Episode 59

Ivy League Graduate Adriana Bates knows exactly what she wants. She’s worked her entire career to chisel down and fine tune every process and system to perfection. From prospecting clients

Hire Right & Lead Better: Attracting (and Keeping) Top Talent (with Grant Botma) – Episode 58

Grant Botma runs a brokerage, insurance agency, and investment firm. He owns a software company, hosts two podcasts, releases two videos and a blog every week, and takes 2 full

Mastering The Basics & Staying In Front Of Your Referrals (with Wade Betz) – Episode 57

Having transitioned from retail to wholesale just three weeks before COVID hit, Mortgage Broker Wade Betz has continued to thrive under pressure. Wade credits his success to keeping it simple,

Authenticity: Unlocking the Key to True Partnerships (with Melissa Puckett)

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Idaho Mortgage Broker Melissa Puckett has always known one thing above all else: Authenticity wins every time. And this idea has only proven itself more

Validating Your Success: Utilizing Data To Streamline Growth (with Elena Boland) – Episode 55

Climbing the ladder since 2005, Nevada Broker/Owner Elena Boland has found a recipe for consistent success. Noting that growth will be doubly important once the current refi-boom ends, Elena has

Recruiting, Training, & Retaining LO’s & Customers (with Pablo Martinez) – Episode 54

As AIME President Marc Summers puts it, top Broker/Owner Pablo Martinez keeps it simple. He looks for good people and retains them by giving them the service and support they

Leaning Into Niche Products & Successfully Using Social Media In 2021 (with Mike Socha) – Episode 53

Starting as a standard banker, Mike found an MLO he greatly respected, after half a year under her wing, she retired, and he took her spot. This involved teaching many

Rising To The Challenge: Combating Adversity For The Sake Of The Consumer (with D.C. Terry) – Episode 52

Since middle school, D.C. Terry wanted to be a Marine, so he became a Marine. Then, knowing he wanted to work for himself, and with the goal of buying his

Building Team Trust & Geeking Out On Guidelines (with Amanda Stevenson) – Episode 51

For Amanda Stevenson, helping people find homes is a family affair. Growing up with a real estate agent/mortgage broker father, Amanda knew what an LTV was by age 10 and

Tackling Transparency: Culture, Branding, and Community Outreach (with JP Hussey) – Episode 50

We’re flipping the switch for this very special milestone episode of Broker To Broker as AIME President Marc Summers interviews former host and Philadelphia Mortgage Broker, JP Hussey. Championing complete

Doubling Your Business By Dissecting Processes & Procedures (with Corrina Carter) – Episode 49

Wholesale channel Veteran and Broker / Owner Corrina Carter has doubled her business by analyzing, dissecting, and rearranging her processes and procedures. It’s taken her 23 years in the industry,

How To Successfully Utilize AIME & The Brokers Are Better Facebook Group (with Andrew Kunisawa) – Episode 48

Having been in and out of the industry since the early 90’s, California Mortgage Broker Andrew Kunisawa has only recently transitioned back to the wholesale channel. Instead of just shyly

How To Save Time & Identify Your Pain Points (with Jackie Dunlap) – Episode 47

EXPLETIVE WARNING (NSFW) Producing Broker/Owner Jackie Dunlap does not hold back. She worked hard to get here and she’s just getting started. Once a retail “scrubber,” as her position was

Educating & Building Trust With Consumers (with Arlicia Jones) – Episode 46

Real Estate Agent turned Mortgage Broker Arlicia Jones holds the ability to build trust above all others. With a brokerage based almost entirely on referrals, Arlicia has built a business

The Long Game: Using Your CRM to Create a Referral Based Brokerage (with Jamie Cavanaugh) – Episode 45

You have to plant the tree now, so next year you’ll have shade. Having built a 100% referral based business, nobody knows that better than Southern California Broker/Owner and COO

Referrals, Veterans, & Women in Mortgage: AIME Fuse Virtual Preview (with Jamie Cavanaugh, Nathan Knottingham, & Scott Schang) – Episode 44

Tune into this special AIME Fuse virtual edition of Broker To Broker with not one, not two, but THREE guests as they preview their panels for AIME Fuse 2020 on

Controlling Chaos & Growing Your Team (with Claire & Matt Mahoney) – Episode 43

Through dealing with the west coast forest fires and balancing multiple different hybrids of in-school and at-home learning, Oregon mortgage broker and mother of six, Claire Mahoney has learned a

How to Network & Delegate to Avoid Burnout (with Chasity Graff) – Episode 42

With 15 years in the wholesale channel, Louisiana Broker/Owner Chasity Graff has networked with the entire industry by now. She has learned how to maneuver and manipulate social media and

How to Avoid Distractions and Do What’s Right (with Marc Summers) - Episode 41

How to Avoid Distractions and Do What’s Right (with Marc Summers) – Episode 41

It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of this unprecedented refi-boom, but AIME President, Michigan Mortgage Broker, and high school basketball coach Marc Summers is here to share the

The Steps Toward Building a Successful Team (with Matt Cole) – Episode 40

From working in retail to becoming one of the top-producing brokers in the country, Matt Cole from United Wholesale Lending has used his passion for success and structure to create

The Importance of Marketing and Building a Brand (with Jason Erickson) – Episode 39

From working at a gym to becoming a successful self-producing loan officer, Jason Erickson of Barrett Financial Group has built his career on utilizing organic marketing techniques and remaining true

Broker-to-broker episode 38 in conversation with Nick Heth

The Process of Implementing Efficient Systems (with Nick Heth) – Episode 38

As a self-producing broker owner, Nick Heth of Phoenix Mortgage Brokers has focused on standing out from his competitors by becoming well-versed in areas of the mortgage industry that others

Broker-to-Broker episode 26 with Mat Grella of Nexa Mortgage

The Importance of Understanding Your Client (with Mat Grella) – Episode 26

With a mindset focused on becoming one of the largest and top-producing mortgage brokerages in the country, Mat Grella and his team at NEXA Mortgage have accomplished that goal in

Broker-to-Broker live from AIME Activate part 2

Live from AIME Activate Pt. 2 (with JP Hussey & Jason Frazier) – Episode 25

Sit down with our host JP Hussey, featuring Jason Frazier from CF Wholesale, as they chat with some of the most passionate mortgage professionals in the business — recorded live

Broker-To-Broker Episode 24 with Brendan McKay

How to Create an Unforgettable Client Experience (with Brendan McKay) – Episode 24

According to Brendan McKay from McKay Mortgage, the client experience should be as seamless as possible. As a newer Broker/Owner, Brendan focuses on utilizing his background in operations and underwriting

Broker-to-Broker episode 23 in conversation with Ramon Walker

Generating Leads Using Data-Driven Strategies (with Ramon Walker) – Episode 23

From starting in I.T. to becoming a Broker/Owner, Ramon Walker of Mount Diablo Lending has utilized his analytical background to take his business directly to the top. As one of