Defining Your Personal Brand as a Loan Officer (with Matt Gougé) – Episode 19

Posted February 24, 2020

What are you doing to build a positive reputation? As stated by Matt Gougé, Loan Officer at Answer Home Loans, it’s all about creating a memorable name for yourself within the mortgage industry and establishing relationships that will lead to referrals from your clients and real estate partners. In this episode, Matt discusses how working as an independent mortgage broker revolves around serving the client at the highest level. Whether you’re acting as a mortgage advisor or originating a loan, it’s important to be constantly adding value to consumers in order to enhance your reputation and succeed within the broker channel. Tune-in to this week’s episode to learn how Matt successfully transitioned from the retail channel to being an independent broker and how he continues to exceed client expectations. 

Show Notes:

  • Starting in the Mortgage Industry (2:06) 
  • Processes of a Loan Officer (10:00) 
  • Set-Up of the Team (13:28) 
  • Bringing in the Leads (24:22) 
  • Finding Direct Referral Partners (35:58) 
  • Managing Work-Life Balance (41:57) 
  • Transitioning from Retail to Broker (48:47) 
  • Mortgage Broker Advice (51:46)
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