Controlling Chaos & Growing Your Team (with Claire & Matt Mahoney) – Episode 43

Posted September 15, 2020

Through dealing with the west coast forest fires and balancing multiple different hybrids of in-school and at-home learning, Oregon mortgage broker and mother of six, Claire Mahoney has learned a thing or two about controlling chaos. Having had an employee quit with no warning and two others get pregnant at the same time, Claire has managed to not just uphold her high expectations, but has set up her brokerage for long-term growth. 

Now VP of Mortgage First Corp, Claire made sure to earn her position; demanding her boss (and father) that she start from the bottom and work her way to the top. Now in a position to make serious change, Claire has learned that the best way to balance the proven old school techniques that built their local reputation with the new modern technology that will bring them into the future is by trial testing everything herself and applying what works in small, incremental and easily digestible doses.

She started simply, by making a Facebook page and Yelp listing, and signing up for online e-signature software Docusign. Through this, Claire learned to slow down onboarding of new tech, constantly reassess and adjust expectations and to always keep an open line of true communication and dialogue with her loan officers and processors. 

Claire’s real estate agent husband Matt also joins the podcast to share his thoughts on the wholesale channel, how to best stay top of mind with real estate referrals and why he believes brokers truly are better.

Show Notes: 

  • Journey Into The Industry (2:25)
  • Balancing New-School Tech vs. Old-School Techniques (7:00)
  • A Real Estate Agents Take On The Wholesale Channel (12:33)
  • First Steps for New Brokers and LO’s (21:18)
  • The Onboarding Process and Constantly Evolving (24:30)
  • Company Culture and Doing What’s Right (29:00)
  • More Tips For New Brokers and LO’s (34:28)
  • Future Of The Market and Mortgage Industry (39:03)
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