Establish the Brand for your Mortgage Business with an Accessible Content Catalog w/ Emmett Dempsey – Episode 145

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey sits down with Broker/Owner of Treasure Coast Mortgage, Emmett Dempsey. Emmett has an invaluable wealth of experience that he’s bringing to the table. From globetrotting in the military, to varied jobs and positions within numerous channels in the Real Estate industry, Emmett has a perspective

Multiply Your Mortgage Business Through Standardized Operations w/ Kyle Koller – Episode 144

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers sits down with a Mortgage Loan Officer at UMortgage, Kyle Koller. Kyle shares his eclectic knowledge and expertise from both the professional and personal sides of the wholesale channel – from multiplying his overall business by streamlining his operations processes, to the unique and effective

Living the Brand – Becoming Memorable in the Mortgage Industry (with Kris Radermacher) – Episode 143

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers sits down with Broker/Owner of K2K Mortgage, Kris Radermacher. Kris shares the secrets of how she’s established, maintained, and lived her memorable branding, and how she’s taken advocating for the betterment of her client’s long-term finances to an unprecedented level. From her returning clients, all

Grow your Network by Advocating for your Borrowers (with Thomas Sloan) – Episode 142

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey sits down with Thomas Sloan, Certified Mortgage Advisor at Capital First Mortgage. Thomas shares his recent experiences of entering the Wholesale Channel just before the pandemic, and how navigating that environment was a crash course of how to succeed through the worst the mortgage industry

Getting VA Loans Done – How Having a Specialty Leads to Growing your Mortgage Business (with Jimmy Hobson) – Episode 141

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey sits down with a mortgage broker from JH Home Loans, Jimmy Hobson. The two discuss Jimmy’s introduction to the inviting community of the Wholesale channel, take a deep dive into VA Home Loans, and how to create your own leads through frequent and authentic posts

Running an Elite Mortgage Company by Creating Community (with Joseph Shalaby and Sam Hijazin) – Episode 140

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers sits down with two members of E Mortgage Capital Inc: Founder & CEO Joseph Shalaby, and President Sam Hijazin. The three discuss Joseph and Sam’s unique yet similar perspectives of the mortgage industry, both having started their careers in the wholesale channel, neither having worked

How to Find Your Audience and Grow Your Mortgage Business (with Russell Petty) – Episode 139

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey sits down with Senior Mortgage Planner and Owner of Grow Mortgage, Russell Petty. The two discuss how to make the career shift into the mortgage industry, and how to start, structure, and staff your own brokerage. JP picks Russell’s brain on his successful marketing campaigns

Breaking Free From Retail Banking (with Carrie Gusmus) – Episode 138

Gusmus meets the Hussbus in this week’s episode of Broker to Broker. JP Hussey sits down with Carrie Gusmus, the President and CEO  of Aslan Home Lending Corporation, a 100% female-led brokerage based in Denver, Colorado. In this episode,  they will discuss how to break yourself from the Retail and non-bank culture and steps to

Building Relationships and Trust with Borrowers to Grow Your Business (with Samantha Baros) – Episode 137

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers, President of Membership at AIME, sits down with Samantha Baros, Broker Owner of Integrity Home Loans Inc. The two discuss how AIME has helped grow her business by providing mentorship, networking opportunities, and community support. As a recipient of the Spark small business grant program,

Tackling Tough Mortgage Cycles with Collaborative Leadership (with Dale Vermillion and Katie Sweeney) – Episode 136

On this special edition episode of Broker to Broker, guest host Katie Sweeney, CEO of AIME, sits down with the Founder and CEO of Mortgage Champions, Dale Vermillion. The two discuss the evolution of leadership in a variety of market cycles and the need for a collaborative mindset. From Dale’s humble beginnings selling pots and

Getting Over Yourself (with Jay Bunte) – Episode 135

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers sits down with a mortgage broker with the Long Gray Lending Team, Jay Bunte.  The two discuss overcoming the difficulties facing brokers, how to get started in the industry, and the importance of “getting over yourself.”  A native Texan, Jay Bunte got his start in

Transitioning From Loan Officer to Broker Owner with Ramona Chapman (With Ramona Chapman) – Episode 134

This week, Marc Summers sits down with Ramona Chapman, Broker-Owner at JR Mortgage Group. The two discuss Ramona’s start in the mortgage industry, the importance of a well-developed process, and the value that networking events like AIME Fuse can add to a mortgage professional’s career.  Ramona Chapman got her start in the mortgage world after

Growing your Shop, Staying Compliant, and Delivering Amazing Experiences (With David Temko) – Episode 133

This week, host Marc Summers sits down with David Temko, President of C2 Financial. The two discuss David’s upbringing in mortgage, his route to the broker channel, and the logistics of running one of the largest shops in the country.  David Temko grew up in the industry, and says that mortgage terms and discussions about

Building your Team and Growing your Connections (with Major Singleton) – Episode 132

This week, host JP Hussey sits down with Major Singleton, a mortgage broker at Major Money Matters. The pair discuss the importance of a strong support team, how to foster connections, and how to make sure your clients keep coming back. A 23-year veteran of the U.S Navy, Major Singleton got his start in mortgage

Revving Up for Fuse 5 (with Jamie Cavanaugh) – Episode 131

AIME Fuse 2022 tickets are available now at Join Marc Summers and guest Jamie Cavanaugh for a very special episode of Broker to Broker. This week, the two get excited for the upcoming Fuse 5, which kicks off in just four weeks. This year’s Fuse is bigger and better than ever – listen to

Building Big Picture Relationships (with Ashley Bedford) – Episode 130

This week, host Marc Summers is joined by Florida’s own Ashley Bedford, who discusses her early experiences with brokers, her work ethic, and the value of building relationships.  Ashley first encountered the broker channel as a customer. A new parent, Ashley was looking to purchase her first home. Initial quotes from a big bank set

Seeing Through the Cycles (with Atrion Faiola) – Episode 129

Host JP Hussey sits down this week with Atrion Faiola of NorthPort Funding. Atrion has spent almost 20 years in the industry, and has worked on both sides of the aisle. The two discuss making the most of the recent downturn, the cyclical nature of the mortgage channel, and the need to keep your foot

Making the Switch from Banker to Broker (with Daniel De La Torre) – Episode 128

JP Hussey sits down this week with Daniel De La Torre of UMortgage. Daniel has only been part of the broker channel for a few months, but with a background in the retail mortgage industry, he brings a wealth of prior experience and keen insight along with him. The two discuss making the switch from

Mind Over Money with Brian Cooke (With Brian Cooke) – Episode 127

Host JP Hussey is joined this week by Brian Cooke of Sunny Hill Financial. Brian joined the broker channel a few years ago, after a long and successful career on the other side of the industry. In that time, he’s made a name for himself with a relentless pace, unparalleled customer satisfaction, and a diamond-tough

How to Get Started in Mortgage and Carve your Niche (with Gay Veale) – Episode 126

Gay Veale of Epoch Lending might be relatively new to the mortgage industry, but she brings a wealth of life experience. A 30-year veteran of the United States Air Force, Gay shares her wisdom and perspective on leveraging connections and proving your worth. Gay Veale joined the Air Force out of high school, where she

National Mortgage Brokers Day 2022 (with Katie Sweeney and Brendan McKay) – Episode 125

This week’s episode is a very special one – Broker-To-Broker host and AIME President of Membership Marc Summers is joined by AIME’s CEO Katie Sweeney and President of Advocacy Brendan McKay. It’s also National Mortgage Brokers Day (or is it week?) – so the three share their tips for celebrating the broker channel and getting

Cultivating Connections and Building Expertise (with Craig Messman) – Episode 124

This week, join in with JP Hussey and Molitor Financial’s Craig Messman as they discuss the importance of creating structure and approaching the industry with methodical intent. Craig is one of Chicago’s top producers, and with almost 20 years of experience, he knows a thing or two about long-term success. In this episode, he shares

The Importance of Diversity, Generosity, and Mental Toughness (With Whitley Cooper) – Episode 123

We are joined this week by Whitley Cooper, a nearly lifelong mortgage expert with the results to back it up.  Whitley grew up in the business, and remembers her mom, herself a broker, jotting down loan applications on a napkin during long car trips. A detour into broadcast journalism led her back into mortgage, where

Building Connections and Creating Value (With Breon Price) – Episode 122

Breon Price is a rapidly rising star in his native Ohio. The owner of Motto Mortgage, Breon has made impressive strides only a few years into his career as a broker. A former athlete who began as an underwriter, Breon made the transition to brokerage in 2018. A mere two years later he was made

Quality Over Quantity: Developing your Broker Brand (With Carrie Johnston) – Episode 121

Since 2018, Carrie Johnston has been the top producer in the state of Indiana. Carrie’s constant commitment to growing her brand is an inspiration to upcoming brokers nationwide. For over two decades, she has reigned as an unrivaled authority on the ever-changing world that is the wholesale mortgage channel. In this episode, we get her

Reality TV, TikTok, & Marketing To The Masses: Scaling The Ladder To Independence (With Dario Medrano) – Episode 120

We are joined this week by Dario Medrano, Broker/Owner of Home Field Lending in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Medrano has enjoyed tremendous success, excelling as both a broker and a mortgage content creator. His TikTok videos regularly accrue thousands of views, with rookie and veteran brokers alike seeking out his insights. Dario and Marc also

The Godfather & The Architect: The History & Future of How & Why Mortgage Brokers Are Better (With Mat Ishbia & Willie Newman) – Episode 119

Two powerhouse lending leaders of the wholesale channel sit down for this monumental meeting of the minds to discuss the history and the future of wholesale mortgage lending and why they have given up on a retail division, deciding instead to go all-in on mortgage brokers. UWM President and CEO Mat Ishbia and Homepoint President

How To Intertwine Leadership Skills, Marketing Efforts, and Realtor Relationships To Bring in 250+ Organic Leads A Month (With Jonathon Haddad) – Episode 118

At age 22, Jonathon Haddad had become the youngest banker promoted to director at Quicken Loans. By 27, after helping build out their online chat service, Jonathon was promoted to Vice President. Now, at age 30, having transitioned from retail-to-wholesale over 2.5 years ago, Jonathon leads a team of 80 employees and is using his

Don’t Push Product, Push Personality: How To Level Up By Being Authentic (With Jason Glass) – Episode 117

After 22 years in the industry, Mortgage Broker/Owner Jason Glass has finally decided to stop overthinking and take action. Instead of waiting for the perfect situation or over-analyzing every little detail, Jason has decided to take the time to invest in himself and his business with a growth-first mindset, all by being his true authentic

Navigating Non-QM, VA Home Loans, & Successfully Transitioning from Retail-To-Wholesale (With Jerry Avila) – Episode 116

After a dozen years of being restrained by limited options in the retail channel, Southern California Mortgage Broker Jerry Avila decided to finally make the transition to wholesale. Jerry believes that no deal should die and that there is always a way to fight and figure things out for the borrower.  Jerry started out in