AIME’s sponsors are a group of lenders and vendors that are committed to growing the wholesale channel through their support of the broker community and AIME. 

What is a true wholesale partner? 

One of the strengths of independent mortgage brokers is the optionality they provide to borrowers. Partnering with wholesale lenders that provide the best service, problem-solving, and are dedicated to the growth of the broker channel is essential to the mutual success of the channel. All AIME sponsors have committed to the below expectations and are held accountable to them.

AIME Sponsor Expectations

  • AIME’s wholesale mortgage lending partners have agreed to the preservation of independent mortgage broker relationships with borrowers and are committed to the overall success and growth of the wholesale mortgage channel. 
  • This includes non-solicitation agreements, internal agreements not to solicit broker clients through consumer direct departments, and other broker client protections. 
  • Lenders also align on the future goals for broker channel growth and have committed to assisting brokers through technology advancements and AIME-facilitated problem resolution. 

AIME members are invited to provide feedback on their experience with AIME sponsors by emailing us at If you had a client that was potentially solicited directly by a wholesale lender please share additional details with us.

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Are you interested in becoming a sponsor of AIME?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have questions about AIME sponsorship, please email us.

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