Achieving the Perfect Balance Between Work and Play (with Shelby Elias) – Episode 6

Posted November 22, 2019


Prioritize reinvesting in yourself and your business, it’s the essential key to staying ahead of your competitors as an independent mortgage broker. Sit down with Shelby Elias, CEO of United Wholesale Lending, as he chats with our host, JP Hussey, about motivating yourself to constantly be better. Develop a life map, create a clear vision for yourself, and continuously focus on adapting to an ever-changing industry. The mortgage business requires dedication and grit, so play to win and surround yourself with individuals worth standing next to. Shelby’s insights set up mortgage brokers with the abilities to be smart, and develop a successful company. 

Show Notes: 

  • Introducing Shelby Elias (2:10) 
  • Support Staff & Scaling Your Business (14:51) 
  • Looking at Numbers in Terms of Paying Employees (17:19) 
  • Company Break Down (20:40) 
  • Work-Life Balance (25:02) 
  • Referral Partner Relationships (32:16) 
  • Change in The Industry (37:00) 
  • Future for Independent Mortgage Brokers (47:39) 
  • Shelby’s Advice (47:39)
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