The Key to Creating More Efficient Processes (with Chris Pell) – Episode 13

Posted January 13, 2020

How quickly are your loans closing? According to Chris Pell, CEO of Garden State Home Loans, breaking down the process and figuring out better tactics is the key to becoming a more efficient business. As the wholesale mortgage broker channel rapidly advances, it’s important to remain educated on the latest technologies and establish trust with our employees in order to continually provide a reputable service for consumers. Put yourself in their shoes by thinking about how to create an ideal home buying experience for each client. Join our host, JP Hussey, as we go in-depth into the operations side of the mortgage industry and gain unique insights to help improve your company’s productivity. 

Show Notes:

  • All About Chris (1:59)
  • Journey to the Mortgage Industry (8:08) 
  • How Mortgage Brokers Can Utilize Technology (20:06) 
  • Systems for Brokers (29:21) 
  • Building Out Salesforce (35:05) 
  • Living in the Environment (44:02) 
  • Recruiting/Training (47:39) 
  • The Future of Operations (56:05) 
  • Advice for Independent Mortgage Brokers (59:53)
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