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Work for the borrower, not the bank. Independent mortgage brokers have flexibility to shop rates from multiple lenders with unmatched earning potential.

As a broker, you are the wholesale lender’s valued client. They compete for your business – providing top of the line service to make sure you are a repeat customer.

As a part of the community you serve, you are able to build relationships with local borrowers to become a trusted partner in their home buying experience.

Get big bank support with all the freedom and flexibility of being a wholesale mortgage broker with access to a wide variety of technology and services to support your business.

What is an Independent Mortgage Broker?

Independent mortgage brokers are trusted negotiators and loan experts who bring mortgage borrowers and mortgage lenders together but do not use their own funds to originate mortgages. If you have a passion for helping consumers achieve homeownership, the broker channel may be right for you.

Why Should You Go Broker?

Are you currently working for a retail lender or a bank? Consider making the transition to the broker channel as an independent mortgage broker or wholesale mortgage professional and discover unlimited earning potential, the freedom to run your own business, and the flexibility to shop multiple lenders.

How Do I Become a Mortgage Broker?

Are you interested in joining the wholesale channel but not sure what the next steps are? See the guides below to help you become a mortgage broker in the wholesale mortgage channel and connect with our team for confidential support during your career transition.

How to Prepare a Business Plan

If you’re an entrepreneur starting a new wholesale mortgage brokerage, learn how to prepare a business plan to get you set up to scale fast.

NMLS Requirements for Mortgage Brokers

NMLS Requirements for Mortgage Brokers

Are looking to start your own mortgage brokerage? Discover what requirements you’ll need to meet to apply for an NMLS.

Capital and Liquid Asset Requirements for Brokers

In order to start your mortgage brokerage, you need capital and liquid assets available. Learn the basics of these requirements before starting your own shop.

How to File Your Business as an Entity

Opening up your own wholesale mortgage brokerage? Learn how to file your business as an entity with this easy guide.

Ethics & Education: For Homeowners AND Mortgage Brokers (With Andy Treno) – Episode 115

Being an Independent Mortgage Broker is in Andy Treno’s blood. With his dad opening the first broker shop in Minnesota in 1987, loans and title companies were a part of nightly dinner table conversations, and making spreadsheets and stuffing envelopes was Andy’s summer job. After going to school to become a financial advisor, Andy got

Navigating Non-QM, VA Home Loans, & Successfully Transitioning from Retail-To-Wholesale (With Jerry Avila) – Episode 116

After a dozen years of being restrained by limited options in the retail channel, Southern California Mortgage Broker Jerry Avila decided to finally make the transition to wholesale. Jerry believes that no deal should die and that there is always a way to fight and figure things out for the borrower.  Jerry started out in

Don’t Push Product, Push Personality: How To Level Up By Being Authentic (With Jason Glass) – Episode 117

After 22 years in the industry, Mortgage Broker/Owner Jason Glass has finally decided to stop overthinking and take action. Instead of waiting for the perfect situation or over-analyzing every little detail, Jason has decided to take the time to invest in himself and his business with a growth-first mindset, all by being his true authentic

How Do I Join a Mortgage Brokerage?

Are you interested in joining the wholesale channel but not sure how to navigate the process of obtaining your mortgage broker license? We’ve created some resources to help guide you on your journey into the broker channel. Plus, connect with our team for confidential support!

The Value of Working with True Lender Partners

Within the mortgage industry, there’s a clear difference between retail and wholesale lenders. Learn how to avoid whole-tailers and build relationships with true lender partners.

How to Land an Entry Level Mortgage Job

Learn how you can join the fastest growing mortgage channel by landing an entry level job as a broker or mortgage professional.

How to Grow Your Brokerage by Diversifying Your Mortgage Lenders

One of the benefits of being an independent mortgage broker is having flexible lender options. Discover how diversifying lender options can bolster your business.

Mortgage Banker vs. Mortgage Broker: Why Independence is Better

Are you ready to make the move from Retail to Wholesale? Learn the differences between mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers and go broker!

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