How Communicating Your Value Leads to Success (with Stacy Catmull & David Monson) – Episode 15

Posted January 27, 2020

As stated by David Monson and Stacy Catmull from Altius Mortgage, the key to success is providing your database with a marketable reason to entice customers to connect with your company. Whether you’re recruiting new talent for your team, bringing in business with referrals or communicating with realtor partners, it’s essential to fully develop the value proposition being presented by your company. Our host, JP Hussey, takes a dive not only into the importance of business development but delivering next-level support on the operations side, such as building culture and attaining comfortability for your loan officers. Tune in to this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to gain innovative tactics to grow your business internally and externally in scalable ways.

Show Notes: 

  • David & Stacy: Journey into the Mortgage Industry (2:08) 
  • Diving into Altius Mortgage (8:03) 
  • Scaling Business Without Losing Personal Touch (11:42) 
  • Handling Business Operations (14:24) 
  • Direct-to-Consumer Strategies (21:34)
  • Support Staff for Loan Officers (25:37) 
  • Business Development Techniques (33:56) 
  • Advice to Successfully Grow Your Business (50:23)
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