Thriving and Surviving: Strategies for Every Mortgage Market (With Joanne Russell) – Episode 183

Joanne Russell’s experience makes her wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and perspective on all forms of mortgage markets, especially as Brokers everywhere are preparing for the coming year. Joanne shares how to persevere through the tougher markets, and how to capitalize on the markets when they’re strong, to bolster your business through thick & thin markets and become resistant to the changes. 

We’re Farmers, Not Hunters – How to Become a Client’s Lender for Life (With David Kakish) – Episode 182

In this episode, host Marc Summers refines his outlook, updates his business model, and streamlines his processes & procedures as he’s joined by David Kakish, Producing Branch Manager at C2 Financial.

Find Your Why: How to Establish Your Place in the Mortgage Industry (with Fadi Sankari) – Episode 181

Fadi Sankari is an entrepreneur through and through, inhibiting the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ in everything he does. Throughout the episode, he reminisces about many failed business ventures before he entered into Wholesale mortgage, where he’s now a top 1% originator. He says he remained driven and found his success in the pursuit of satisfying the ‘why’.

The Business of Helping People: Using Existing Resources to Help Veteran Homebuyers (With Elizabeth Cassidy) – Episode 180

In this special Salute To Service: Veteran Advocacy Week episode, host Marc Summers gets a comprehensive breakdown of how to become a VA expert, as he’s joined by Fuse VI Panelist, Elizabeth Cassidy, Mortgage Broker with Future Home Loans.

Creative Homebuyer Education: Adapting to the Changing Mortgage Market (With Jessica Wells) – Episode 179

In this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is joined by Fuse VI panelist Jessica Wells, Broker Owner of Clear Choice Mortgage.

Jessica proves her expertise, and why she was a Fuse panelist this year, as this episode is full of nuggets of wisdom that immediately could be applied to a Broker’s marketing, outreach, and pipeline to improve overall operations.

Broker is a Good Word: How We Fight for Our Homebuyers (With Lindsay McCoy) – Episode 178

In this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is joined by Fuse VI panelist Lindsay McCoy, Broker Owner of Care Finance Group. They cover many topics in this episode, like how to create and curate the best tech stack for your operations, consumer outreach & referral generations, client financial education & support, starting your own brokerage, Broker & homebuyer advocacy, and why NOW is the best time to be a Broker.

Planning, Educating, and Following Up: Becoming a Top Producer, and Staying a Top Producer (With Major Singleton) – Episode 177

In this episode, Major Singleton, Broker/Owner of Major Money Matters, powered by Edge Home Finance, breaks down his approach, and his strategy for getting to the top, and remaining at the top. His biggest focus is on education; not just getting in front of audiences that can grow his network, but altering his classes and seminars to his audience, and ensuring that he follows up with every attendee for his courses. This is how he continually builds his network for himself and his team, and this is where he plants the seeds this year for production in the coming year.

Retail, Correspondent, or Broker: What 24 Years in Mortgage Looks Like (With Michael Most) – Episode 176

In this compelling episode of Broker to Broker, Marc Summers sits down with Michael Most, a seasoned originator with 24 years of experience in the mortgage industry and a dedicated advocate for the Orthodox Jewish community. Join us as we delve into Michael’s unique journey, combining his mortgage expertise and passion to empower members of the Orthodox Jewish community to achieve their homeownership dreams.

Episode 175: The Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Freedom & Control to Thrive in the Mortgage Industry

In this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is joined by CEO of Dwell Mortgage and upcoming Fuse VI Spotlight Speaker, Shane Kidwell. Shane has only joined the broker channel at the start of 2023, and he’s already making waves. Shane’s hunger, energy, and drive for the wholesale channel exemplifies what it takes to succeed in the mortgage industry. As someone who has his hands in many different companies and services that he offers, he lives the commitment and effort it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

Episode 174: The Fuse VI Countdown Special

Marc & JP reflect on their first Fuse experiences, uncover how it’s evolved, discuss their tips for first-time attendees, and recount memories both fun and career-altering.

Episode 173: Repurposing the Wheel: Easy Steps to Grow Your Audience, Network, and Mortgage Business

If you’re looking to grow or scale your audience, your network, and your business, this is a must-listen episode. Braiden has maximized his business by itemizing his processes and optimizing his tech stack. He’s grown his social media presence by nearly 3,000%. He’s found a system to go viral with his video content. And he’s grown and scaled his brokerage towards a volume approaching nearly 700 million this year. Braiden breaks down how he’s done it all, with comprehensive instructions in how to do all of this with your own business.

Episode 172:  Connecting Mortgage Peers: The Processor Perspective

This is an essential listen for Brokers, as Gina breaks down how to collaborate with your Processors, set expectations, and work as a unit to ensure your clients have the best experience possible. The systemic issues for Processors are addressed, debunking the idea that Processors are Broker assistants; they are true peers and collaborators.

Episode 171:  Consistency is King: How a Mentality Change Can Revolutionize Your Mortgage Business

Andrew has his hands in a lot of projects. He’s been a broker for a long time, but only within the last five years did he open his own brokerage. He just moved to a new office location. He’s just now hitting his stride on social media marketing. His tech is hitting its peak of processing. Everything is moving, changing, and growing for Andrew, and it’s all in the black. 

Episode 169: Your Brand Speaks Highly of You, Even When You’re Not There w/ Samantha Shelton

Samantha’s story is one shared by many in our community, one of constant growth; starting with her own business, to nurturing and ensuring the success of others under her leadership. Starting in the Retail channel, she made the jump by joining Marc’s staff of Loan Officers, where she worked for 8 months. Now, from employee to peer, she’s the Broker Owner of her own brokerage, and is doing amazing things in her and Marc’s community by making herself a local resource, and establishing her brand.

Episode 170: Advising & Building Relationships for a Seamless Mortgage Pipeline w/ Dante Royster

Dante breaks down the relationships he focuses on building: his team and his network. Maintaining strong relationships with both has led to an exceptional customer experience, as his services have been honed into as smooth, and as all-encompassing an experience as possible, because he can rely on his team and network as much as they can rely on him.

Episode 168: From Mortgage Underwriter to Broker: Working as a Team w/ Ethan Hough, Broker with One Stop Financial Group, LLC

Ethan has had a very interesting career path that is very useful to his longevity and effectiveness as a mortgage broker; he became a broker after eight years of working as an underwriter. Because of his prior career, Ethan’s skills, knowledge, prep, and pipeline all reflect a full knowledge of his clients’ loans, scoping out the entire mortgage process with no surprises.

Episode 167: Mindset, Leadership, and Connection – Developing Relationships and Generating Mortgage Leads by Showing Up w/ Paige Hernandez, Heritage MTG Inc.

Paige has had a life-long history in the real estate industry, growing up with her mother owning a real estate company, working numerous jobs around many different facets of mortgage, housing, and real estate, all until she landed back into becoming a mortgage broker in 2018.

Episode 166: Creating an Efficient, Repeatable Process For Your Brokerage w/ Cameron Harper, Broker Owner of California Mortgage Lending

Cameron is high-energy, and high efficiency. This episode covers a lot of processes and procedures and marketing topics, and Cameron shares his effective strategies, execution processes, and their incredible results.

Episode 165: Mutual Support as a Mortgage Lead Generation Model w/ Kevin Oto, Broker Owner of Green Haven Capital Inc

Kevin is a master of setting up a system that works. From starting with a few staff members working out of a bedroom, to a prominent broker owner in one of the most lucrative markets in the country, Kevin has established his presence in the market by creating a consumer experience like no other; supported by the automations and dependable processes he’s put in place.

Episode 164: Proving Yourself as an Enduring Resource, Generating Evergreen Mortgage Leads w/ Kurt Strandson, Broker Owner of Pinnacle Mortgage Corp.

Kurt has a wealth of experience, insight, and influence. As the former president and chairman of the Mortgage Bankers and Brokers Association, with experience lobbying for broker and homeowner rights since the crash of 2008, Kurt brought his years of advocacy expertise and experience to his new role as the AIME Legislative State Captain of New Hampshire. 

Episode 163: You Are Here: The Mortgage Broker Advantage of Problem-Solving w/ Elena Boland, Broker Owner, Wholesale Mortgage Services

Elena has been changing her game and scaling her business since she was last on the show over 100 episodes ago for episode 55. She’s been diversifying her products and services, finding new ways to engage her local community, as well as ways to involve her business and marketing in her personal life to great networking and lead generation benefits. Elena is a true example of changing with the market and social climate leading to success & growth.

Episode 162: Wholesale Choice and Control: How Mortgage Brokers’ Freedom Creates Innovation w/ Jason Kindler & Aaron Bacus, Broker Owners of First Coast Mortgage Funding 

As Broker Owners of First Coast Mortgage Funding, Jason and Aaron bring two different approaches, skill sets, and backgrounds to their brokerage that creates a sum of strengths greater than the sum of their parts; Jason has strengths in processes and working with builders, and Aaron with relationship building to creating new leads. Together, First Coast Mortgage Funding has grown into an incredibly successful and efficient machine.

Episode 161: How Mortgage Brokers and Financial Planners Can Work Together to Serve Their Clients w/ Justin Rocheleau, Owner of JR Mortgage Group Inc

Justin has found great success in marketing to financial planners as referral sources for his business. As we all know, financial planners are in it for the long haul when it comes to serving their clients, and being able to present the best options for their client’s financial success is a win-win for both parties. By collaborating with financial planners, Justin has been able to create strong relationships and provide clients with the best possible advice and solutions.

Episode 160: Letting Things Grow By Letting Them Go: How to Foster Your Mortgage Business’ Skills, Staff, and Client Base w/ Elyin Perez, Broker Owner of ACE Lending Group

Elyin hasn’t been in the wholesale channel long, but ever since going broker and joining the wholesale channel, Elyin and ACE Lending Group have made a substantial impact. Elyin is now a tenacious, driven, and prominent leader in the wholesale community.

Episode 159: The Buck Stops with the Broker: Project Management for Mortgages w/ Allison Thenhaus, Mortgage Advisor/Broker at C2 Financial

Allison is known as a Mortgage Advisor for multiple brokerages for a great reason. Though only having been in the wholesale mortgage industry for a relatively short time, she has insight and knowledge beyond her years. Allison has a vast knowledge of systems & processes, customer service, ethics & values, and long-term market trends. 

Episode 158: How To Lead your Mortgage Business from the Front — Fight for Your Clients and Stay Hungry w/ Mike Maddux, Broker Owner of Maddux Mortgage

Mike’s hunger for success in the wholesale industry is an inspiration that mortgage professionals can learn from. Mike’s energy, pragmatism, and ability to get to the heart of a topic are all as refreshing as it is educational. With a diverse background in the Marine Corps, the fitness industry, and in the retail channel all before starting his own brokerage, Mike brings a lot of no-nonsense wisdom to the table, and it leads to significant takeaways in short order.

Episode 157: Retail, Wholesale, Investments and Mortgage — More Knowledge = More Business w/ Brian Sweeney, Broker Owner and President of Scoot Mortgage

Brian has a long, varied career in financial services. Starting in retail, he transitioned to wholesale while simultaneously working in wealth management. Brian’s varied career has led directly to an understanding that knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have and are able to successfully communicate to consumers leads to a more diverse and assured client base. 

Episode 156: True Stories of Service from the Heart — Build Mortgage Business Prioritizing Clients’ Benefit  w/ D.C. Terry, CEO of Mr. Mortgage LLC

D.C. has incredible stories, and important lessons to share and impart on the broker community. From his start as a US Marine in the music industry, to the pivotal moment that made him make a dramatic change in his career trajectory. D.C. is full of stories, moments, and instances where he took it upon himself to do the right thing by his clients. His selflessness, knowledge, and commitment to his clients is both inspiring and a model to which mortgage brokers should aspire to. D.C.’s stories have to be heard to be believed.

Episode 155: Finding Your True, Unique Self as a Mortgage-Focused Content Creator w/ Rebecca Richardson, The Mortgage Mentor™️

Rebecca is known all throughout the AIME community and the wholesale channel at large for her expertise in content creation, branding, and social media. She’s been featured on AIME stages and in AIME content due to her success and the hard-earned knowledge she shares, helping mortgage brokers navigate and find success across all social media platforms.

Episode 154: Creating Time to Build the Relationships that Grow your Mortgage Business w/ Tano Kapedani, CEO/Broker of EZ Fundings Home Loans

Tano has been in the wholesale mortgage business for over 20 years. As an expert on delegation, Tano shares how to properly prioritize your own time. He’s honed and prioritized his brokerage’s structure to get the absolute most out of his precious time as a producing owner.