Who is JP Hussey?

The Hussey Team Mortgage Advisors

JP Hussey is a Philadelphia Mortgage broker and has been in the mortgage industry since 2008 in varying roles. As host of AIME’s “Broker To Broker” podcast, he talks shop with some of the most notable names in the wholesale mortgage channel. As a broker owner who also originates, he is able to dive in with guests on the topics that really matter to ultimately help listeners improve their own businesses.

Episode 32

with Andy Harris

Utilizing Technology to Create a Customized Client Experience

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Episode 31

with Nate Davis

Building Your Business Using a Process-Focused Approach

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Episode 30

with Katrina DiBiase

How to Develop and Maintain Strong Client Relationships

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Episode 29

with Brian Decker

Leading Your Business With A Systematic Mindset

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Episode 28

with Shashank Shekhar

What It Takes to Become an Effective and Influential Leader

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Episode 27

with Andres Munar

The Value of Building Trust with Your Employees

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Episode 26

with Mat Grella

The Importance of Understanding Your Client

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Episode 25

with JP Hussey & Jason Frazier

Live From AIME Activate Pt. 2

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Episode 24

with Brendan McKay

How to Create an Unforgettable Client Experience

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Episode 23

with Ramon Walker

Generating Leads Using Data-Driven Strategies

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Episode 22

with JP Hussey & Jason Frazier

Live from AIME Activate Pt. 1

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Episode 21

with Josh Lewis

How to Build Relationships with Real Estate Agents

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Episode 20

with Lisa Lund & Matt Oliver

Establishing Trust to Increase Client Retention

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Episode 19

with Mat Gougé

Defining Your Personal Brand as a Loan Officer

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Episode 18

with Ben Lavendar

Understanding the Benefits of Social Media

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Episode 17

with Chris Griffith

Utilizing Debt to Create Wealth For Consumers

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Episode 16

with Ryan Ehler

The Road to Becoming a Mortgage Marketing Expert

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Episode 15

with Stacy Catmull & David Monson

How Communicating Your Value Leads to Success

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Episode 14

with Todd Bitter

How to Successfully Produce Loans as a One-Man Shop

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Episode 13

with Chris Pell

The Key to Creating More Efficient Processes

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Episode 12

with Skylar Welch & Tori Doucette

Building Long-Lasting Client Relationships

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Episode 11

with Anthony Casa

Preparing for Success in 2020 by Building a Scalable Business

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Episode 10

with Isabel Williams

Utilizing Your Resources To Build A Successful Business

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Episode 9

with Jason Sharon

The Benefits of Leading With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Episode 8

with Scott Schang

Building a Solid Foundation for a Successful Business

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Episode 7

with Jim Black

Solidifying Your Core Values Within The Mortgage Industry

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Episode 6

with Shelby Elias

Achieving the Perfect Balance Between Work and Play

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Episode 5

with Brett Weiss

The Grind of an Independent Mortgage Broker Never Stops

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Episode 4

with Peter Galvez

Improving Client Engagement with Face-to-Face Communication

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Episode 3

with Tony Davis

Mortgage Brokers Stepping Into The 21st Century

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Episode 2

with Evan Einhorn

Expanding Your Mortgage Broker Channel

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Episode 1

with Jeremy Harridath

The Laws of Success in the Mortgage Broker Industry

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