Preparing for Success in 2020 by Building a Scalable Business (with Anthony Casa) – Episode 11

Posted December 20, 2019

In a continuously evolving industry, it’s essential to create a mindset that focuses on investing in the future and recruiting a high quality team. AIME Chairman, Anthony Casa, explores in-depth the challenges of building two successful companies within the last decade and stabilizing volume by creating scalable processes to avoid burning out with our host, JP Hussey. Anthony shares his insights for how brokers working in any market can goal set for 2020 and grow their businesses more efficiently in the year ahead. The mortgage industry is advancing in market share giving brokers more opportunities to optimize their businesses and establish a positive work culture to help increase employee retention rates year after year. Let’s take our businesses to new heights together in the upcoming year.

Show Notes: 

  • Common Questions About Building a Scalable Business (5:27) 
  • How to Avoid Burnout (13:02)
  • Why Recruiting is Crucial for Growth (15:19)
  • Building a Work Culture for Employee Retention (24:58)
  • Goal Setting Advice for 2020 (34:24)
  • All About AIME (51:29)
  • Advice to Brokers (1:01:59)
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