Building a Solid Foundation for a Successful Business (with Scott Schang) – Episode 8

Posted December 9, 2019

Description: As a mortgage industry veteran, Scott Schang co-owner of BuyWise Mortgage has seen the highs and lows of the broker business since the beginning. Throughout his career, he’s remained extremely proactive staying versed on all industry trends helping him launch a personal website providing insightful knowledge about everything from mortgages to student loans which generate thousands of views per month. Scott reminds us that it’s important to consistently evolve with consumers, and utilize social outlets to earn trust among realtors for potential partnerships. If you build a solid foundation at the start, it’ll ensure a successful business for many years to come. Listen with our host, JP Hussey, and gain even more of an understanding of Scott’s views of our progressing industry.


  • Journey to the Mortgage World (2:09) 
  • Getting Started (4:56) 
  • Website/Blog Creation (11:18) 
  • Changing with the Consumer (26:16) 
  • Making Connections Through Social Media (30:29) 
  • In-Depth BuyWise Mortgage (37:06) 
  • Utilizing Technology (47:29) 
  • Leads to Application Process (49:09) 
  • Closing Remarks/Advice (54:09
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