Utilizing Your Resources To Build A Successful Business (with Isabel Williams) – Episode 10

Posted December 20, 2019

How invested are you prepared to be in your business? Isabel Williams of We Save Loans discusses the level of responsibility and dedication that is required in order to build a successful company from the ground up with AIME Chairman, Anthony Casa. In this special edition episode, we’ll learn the importance of setting realistic expectations and finding the right people to help you excel as a new independent mortgage broker. Becoming a brokerage owner is similar to caring for a baby, and we need to fully commit all of our time into creating a consistent experience for consumers. Listen to this insightful conversation to gain new business strategies, and tips towards developing efficient, full-proof processes.

Show Notes: 

  • Career Journey (00:30) 
  • Starting the Company (3:27) 
  • Beginning Business Ownership (15:02) 
  • Work/Life Balance (25:16) 
  • Future Goals (31:21) 
  • Controlling the Process (37:16) 
  • Advice for Opening a Broker Shop (44:52) 
  • What’s Next? (51:50)
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