The Grind of an Independent Mortgage Broker Never Stops (with Brett Weiss) – Episode 5

Posted November 14, 2019


How hard did the industry crash in 2008 hit your mortgage brokerage? Fortunately for Brett Weiss, Branch Manager/Nationwide Team Leader of NEXA Mortgage, his business had just begun to thrive, but it ultimately still led to his breakaway from the mortgage business. Join our host, JP Hussey, as he goes in-depth with Weiss regarding the complete reinvention of himself as he made his way back into the mortgage broker channel, and the importance of consistently hosting one-on-one coaching sessions with your loan officers. It’s imperative to continuously try new things, and figure out ways to be different as an independent mortgage broker. 

Show Notes: 

  • Working on Your Strengths (15:58) 
  • NEXA Recruiting (17:31) 
  • How Are You Standing Out? (21:28) 
  • Company Systems (27:07) 
  • The Process of Driving New Leads to Close (31:40) 
  • Collaborating with Lenders (42:01) 
  • Differences Between Mortgage Brokering Then & Now (46:12) 
  • The Future of the Mortgage Broker Industry (48:10) 
  • Advice for Independent Mortgage Brokers (51:08)
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