The Process of Implementing Efficient Systems (with Nick Heth) – Episode 38

Posted July 6, 2020

As a self-producing broker owner, Nick Heth of Phoenix Mortgage Brokers has focused on standing out from his competitors by becoming well-versed in areas of the mortgage industry that others might not always understand. According to Nick, the best way to provide for your clients is to educate yourself on every aspect of the loan process and work toward finding your niche as an independent mortgage broker. Tune into this week’s episode of Broker to Broker to learn more about the importance of continuously adding to your database and implementing regimented systems into your business.  

Show Notes: 

  • Journey Into the Mortgage Industry (3:00) 
  • Marketing for the Business (12:26)
  • Purchase Business in Arizona (13:44) 
  • Utilizing Systems (15:41) 
  • Pre Approval Process (28:50)
  • Advice to New Loan Officers (41:00)
  • Future of the Industry (43:12)
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