Establishing Trust to Increase Client Retention (with Lisa Lund & Matt Oliver) – Episode 20

Posted March 2, 2020

Lisa Lund and Matt Oliver, the dynamic duo behind Lund Mortgage, are reinventing the industry one loan at a time. On top of raising a family, living together and keeping up with a high volume business, they strive to build a brand that directly aligns with their personal beliefs and creates a memorable experience for clients. According to Matt and Lisa, it’s important to focus not on the amount of money you’re making from each transaction, but the level of service you’re providing to every client coming through the door. In this episode of Broker to Broker, you’ll learn how the couple manages to gain hundreds of leads through radio advertising and their ability to successfully establish a balance between work and play. 

Show Notes: 

  • Getting into the Mortgage Industry (2:34) 
  • Clarifying Company Roles (12:14) 
  • Day-to-Day Processes (16:19) 
  • How to Handle Inbound Leads (24:05) 
  • Systems in Place to Handle Leads (28:43) 
  • Expanding Business to Manage Volume (33:05) 
  • Looking to Grow the Business (36:39) 
  • Working and Living Together (41:00 
  • Work-Life Balance (48:10) 
  • Future of the Mortgage Industry (52:04) 
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