Solidifying Your Core Values Within The Mortgage Industry (with Jim Black) -Episode 7

Posted December 2, 2019

Description: From Wall Street to small towns, Jim Black broker/owner of All Cal Financial takes us through his journey to becoming an independent mortgage broker with our host, JP Hussey. As a new mortgage brokerage owner, forming connections and engaging in collaboration with industry professionals is essential to growing your business exponentially. He’s constantly reshaping his priorities, and incorporating the importance of core values into his profession. If there’s a quality that’s always been consistent, it’s Jim’s ability to remain true to himself in all aspects of his career. Tune in to gain even more insights about successful business tactics, and why investing in a personal bus creates the most unique, consumer friendly branding experience. 

Show Notes: All About Jim (2:28) Work Life Balance (9:52) Mortgage Business Timeline (15:46) Building His Team (29:16) Marketing/Branding (31:56) Producing & Struggles (38:31) Future Of The Industry (49:00) Advice To Brokers (52:38)

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