Episode 165: Mutual Support as a Mortgage Lead Generation Model w/ Kevin Oto, Broker Owner of Green Haven Capital Inc

Posted June 13, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is joined by Broker Owner of Green Haven Capital, Kevin Oto.

Kevin is a master of setting up a system that works. From starting with a few staff members working out of a bedroom, to a prominent broker owner in one of the most lucrative markets in the country, Kevin has established his presence in the market by creating a consumer experience like no other; supported by the automations and dependable processes he’s put in place.

Kevin notes to “stay humble, stay hungry” in this industry, and he lives and operates by those words. He shares the way he’s able to systematically keep in touch with clients, stay on top of processes, and continually generate new business leads. He notes that supporting his real estate agents’ events, and coming to them as a resource to have their problems solved and questions answered has led to mutual support in kind.

Kevin shares his strategies for making new real estate connections: “Every purchase I get is basically an audition. I need to wow this listing agent. What can I do differently to get this listing agent’s business? Then as I grew, this came through education. I would target small teams. There’s a lot of realtor groups that have teams of like five or ten. So, I would target the teams, go to the founder of that team, say, “Can I just come by your office and give a presentation? I think I can add value to your agents. What would they like to learn about?” So it’s just going in there, presenting and showing them what we do differently, then educating them about the market. We cover how to get their offers accepted, how are we different, and differentiate ourselves from the competition. And that works. Every time I do a presentation, I have at least one or two people come back with questions. And then it’s really just building relationships with these people. It’s just staying in front of them, building relationships, supporting their events, having outings together, just building that bond and then the business will eventually go both ways. Just focus on the relationship, and make sure you’re educating these people.”

Key Points:

1:34 – Getting Started, Rebuilding after the 2008 Crash

4:39 – From The Beginning: Automations & Procedures for the Best Client Experience

8:57 – Educating Borrowers and the Urgency of Pre-Approval

16:14 – Establishing Real Estate Partnerships

19:32 – Being Consistent: Mortgage Marketing in 2023

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