Establish the Brand for your Mortgage Business with an Accessible Content Catalog w/ Emmett Dempsey – Episode 145

Posted January 17, 2023

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey sits down with Broker/Owner of Treasure Coast Mortgage, Emmett Dempsey.

Emmett has an invaluable wealth of experience that he’s bringing to the table. From globetrotting in the military, to varied jobs and positions within numerous channels in the Real Estate industry, Emmett has a perspective of the mortgage broker channel that few can match. 

Emmett shares the marketing and business strategies that he’s utilized to great success with Treasure Coast Mortgage, and notes that a business and marketing strategy can be one and the same; an established catalog of educational content. Emmett utilizes YouTube as means to educate and motivate tentative homebuyers off the fence, as to spread awareness of his brand by providing education and resources for borrowers.

Emmitt explains how easy it is to establish and build a catalog of content that resonates with people. “Explain different concepts to clients, like loan estimates and closing disclosures. Make those videos a part of your in-process marketing — you know when you record a video for individuals sometimes? Record it one time and it lives forever.” Emmitt explains how these videos are utilized: “Build a consistent catalog. As soon as they find content that they like, they’ll watch everything. They’ll get into a suggested video loop on YouTube, or they’ll dig through your Instagram to your old videos. Now, a common thing I hear is: I watched all of your stuff!”

Key Points:

4:10 From Korea and Kosovo, to Two Decades in Real Estate

9:41 Starting a Successful Brokerage in April 2020, and Thriving Through COVID

18:01 How to Specialize with Niche Loans

26:53 Marketing Strategies, and Inspiration from Gary Vee

32:56 How to Build Credibility through a YouTube Catalog

40:36 The Need for Brokers: 100,000 LOs chasing 1,000,000 Agents, Doing 3,500,000 Sales

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