Episode 156: True Stories of Service from the Heart — Build Mortgage Business Prioritizing Clients’ Benefit  w/ D.C. Terry, CEO of Mr. Mortgage LLC

Posted April 4, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey’s foundations are rocked by the incredible stories and life lessons from a much-beloved member of the AIME community, the CEO of Mr. Mortgage, D.C. Terry! 

D.C. has incredible stories, and important lessons to share and impart on the broker community. From his start as a US Marine in the music industry, to the pivotal moment that made him make a dramatic change in his career trajectory. D.C. is full of stories, moments, and instances where he took it upon himself to do the right thing by his clients. His selflessness, knowledge, and commitment to his clients is both inspiring and a model to which mortgage brokers should aspire to. D.C.’s stories have to be heard to be believed.

D.C. speaks of how essential it is to ensure the client gets the most out of working with him, and how this has led to long-term connections, referrals, and business. “Listen, something spoke to me and said, “I’ve got too much money.” I sat back and I’m like, “What do you mean?” That client was charged too much money. I’m really going over it in my mind because I’m thinking, “I did a great job. The client was happy.” Next thing I know, I call them back and tell them that I charged them too much money. True story.” 

D.C. recounts “But, I tell him “If there’s anything that you need from this point forward in this industry, you come to me. I got you.” Well, it turns out that guy later on, his businesses had to go through some modifications. So he calls me, and we can make money for doing modifications. I jumped on the phone with his commercial lender, worked that out for him. I worked out the same thing with his primary residence as well. If he had any issues with insurance or anything, he called me. I handled everything for him. But from that point it was something that was given to me that I can now give to you: when you are closing a loan for someone. Make sure that that person gets more out of it than you.”  

Key Points:

2:23 – The Hall of AIME Sparking Change Award

5:51 – Life-changing moments, from the music to the mortgage Industry

14:17 – Working in mortgage for the service, not the money

22:52 – Establishing Your Own Brokerage

28:52 – Serving the Underserved Loans and Clients.

34:34 – Educating Clients leads to Long-Term Collaboration

41:08 – Making Homeownership Possible for the “Impossible” Clients

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