Short-Term Goals, Long-Term Vision in the Mortgage Industry w/ Marsel Cilla – Episode 149

Posted February 14, 2023

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey sits down for a deep, considered mortgage coaching from the CEO at Safetrust Mortgage LLC, Marsel Cilla!

Marsel started his career in production for the auto industry, and brought his skills and mastery of managing minutiae in product and service delivery to the mortgage industry. Marsel has established dozens of processing systems to address immediate problems and concerns by setting short-term goals that fit in with the pursuit of long-term visions. Now, Marsel is looking ahead at the future of the entire wholesale channel by extending a welcoming hand to retail channel LOs looking to make the industry jump in 2023. In what he’s called the ‘Thrive in Wholesale’ campaign, Marsel and Safetrust aim to educate and empower Retail LOs, to encourage recruiting in independent brokerages, further strengthening the wholesale channel by utilizing the invaluable experience from retail lending.

“It’s short-term goals, but the long-term vision, so that met goals will guide you towards your long-term vision. We need to have the long-term mindset every day. What are we doing every single day to hit those production goals? Just like production, that goal will be reached, correct? And then, if we’re unable to reach it, let’s take a look and see what we can tweak.” Marsel illustrates that the idea of perfection is the enemy of progress, and that the best approach for your clients and your business is to improve as you go: “We call it quick response, continuous improvement. It’s a method of saying, ‘Hey, this was my goal, and what actions are you going to implement to try something different, to fix the reason, to fix the root cause?’ Then, we continue to get better every day.”

Key Points:

2:21 What was Taken from the Automotive to the Housing Industry

4:11 How to Become a Business Owner and Leader in the Mortgage Industry

8:12 Establishing Structure and Goals of Mortgage Transactions

16:40 Short-Term Goals, Long-Term Vision

24:07 Recruiting from Retail to Wholesale with the Broker Shop Platform

32:49 Networking, Social Media, and Marketing for LOs

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