Building Your Community, Rebuilding yourself as a Mortgage Broker w/ Amy Jo Tetzner – Episode 151

Posted February 28, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is joined by the new, yet already beloved member of the AIME community, Mortgage Advisor for Mortgage Nerds LLC, Amy Jo Tetzner!

Amy Jo joined the broker channel only recently, having worked in the retail industry for most of her life. Despite that, Amy Jo has made a massive, positive impact on the entire wholesale community. “I started noticing the things about retail that I didn’t like that I wasn’t in love with, and having the background of living and breathing this industry. For almost 21 years, I started to suspect that I was being fed some lines of garbage and that I really needed to figure it out on my own. So I really started researching it and I was like, I need to become a mortgage broker. I want to become a broker.”

Since joining the Wholesale Mortgage Channel, Amy Jo has contributed on social media, marketing, and community education to an unprecedented scale, setting an incredible example of what brokers are capable of on Facebook, TikTok, and in person. But it doesn’t come easy. Amy Jo breaks down her industry jump, and how it was one of the hardest, but most rewarding years of her life: “I am my mortgage business. And when something bad happens or makes me feel bad in mortgage, I take that very, very personally. And I think that most of us do. I think that’s very regular to feel that way. And if you really care, like if you really give a shit about your business, you’re going to feel that way. I’m 20 years in, the good is really good, the bad is really bad. But just remember, you are going to get over that mountain and you’re going to feel like you climbed Everest and you’re on top. And I feel like that right now.”

Key Points:

1:29 – From Business Major to Marketing Director, Mortgage Broker

3:42 – Poking Holes in the Retail Channel, Deciding to Become a Mortgage Broker

7:00 – Networking via Facebook Groups, and Marketing in the Last Places You’d Expect

13:18 – Success By Educating Borrowers, Peers, and the Community

19:53 – Tips to Breaking into the Broker Community

23:13 – Building Yourself and Your Work/Life Balance, Rebuilding the best Mental Health

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