Grow Your Mortgage Company to a Large-Scale, while Supporting the Small-Scale w/ President of Growth at AIME, Tom Ahles – Episode 150

Posted February 21, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey celebrates 150 episodes with President of Growth at AIME, Broker and Co-Founder of Edge Home Finance, and Host of Grow & Get It, Tom Ahles.

Tom is a master of many. As the President of Growth for AIME, he has helped facilitate the growth of AIME and hundreds of brokerages nationwide. While he has many large-scale goals and aspirations for the wholesale channel, he hasn’t lost sight of, or consideration for improving the business of small and individual brokerages. Tom shares his top-down perspective from the positions he holds, but approaches his work from the ground floor, in that he still finds originating as invigorating and engaging as ever. 

Tom shares his strategy and approach to recruiting and growth that has brought him and the wholesale community such unprecedented success: “All that I know for what I can control is I can make it a little better than it was yesterday. So for me, if that means I’m adding one person a day to this industry, then I’m doing my part. We just onboarded 30 in the last 50 days. So, you know, we’ll do a little bit more than the average just because we’ve been at it for 12 years.” 

“We’re all using the same things, it’s about getting your process down. Make sure it’s something that you feel confident to put your reputation on. Because our members have families to feed, they have goals and aspirations. And the last thing we want to do is set somebody up in a position where it’s not going to be better for them. I think that’s the biggest misconception with a lot of those in retail that haven’t switched yet- is the saying the grass is always greener. Well, it’s a damn true statement. I got to tell you, the grass on the broker side is green.”

Key Points:

2:33 – Celebration of Broker to Broker Episode 150

6:39 – Unprecedented Growth from Operations and Relationships

15:55 – The Broker Lifestyle, Maintaining Success and Life/Family Balance

22:31 – Doubling the Broker Market Share

28:09 – The Value of Working ‘From the Ground Floor’

34:59 – Best Lessons from Grow & Get It

41:24 – Getting Involved in the Community through AIME On Tour

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