Episode 157: Retail, Wholesale, Investments and Mortgage — More Knowledge = More Business w/ Brian Sweeney, Broker Owner and President of Scoot Mortgage

Posted April 11, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is joined by Brian Sweeney, Broker Owner and President of Scoot Mortgage.

Brian has a long, varied career in financial services. Starting in retail, he transitioned to wholesale while simultaneously working in wealth management. Brian’s varied career has led directly to an understanding that knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have and are able to successfully communicate to consumers leads to a more diverse and assured client base. 

Brian believes that brokers can and should take on an advisor role for their clients because it brings in return business, which is better for the long-term health of a brokerage. “When you’re an investment advisor, I mean, you’re having quarterly meetings. We’re reviewing what’s happening in the economy. We’re reviewing what’s taking place in your actual investment accounts. We’re looking at time horizons and risk tolerance and all these sorts of things that go into investment management along with your accounting and taxes, especially for a business owner. But you know, the wealth management side has taught me to be very patient in the mortgage world, because that planning aspect goes a long way. Instead of just saying, ‘Oh yeah, here’s your rate, here’s your turn, let’s do business.’ it’s like, tell me about yourself. How is your current financial situation? What do you have going on? Maybe it’s not even right for you to buy a House right now.” Brian explains “Clients can smell desperation. Look out for your clients’ best interests as opposed to the business they may give you.” 

Key Points:

1:30 From Retail to Wholesale, starting Scoot Mortgage

5:38 Brokerage vs. Wealth Management Firm

15:18 Social Media, Content Production, and Client Education

18:16 Client Communication and Lead Generation

21:35 Conceptualizing and Executing a Successful Marketing Campaign

27:42 Fuse: Success from Last Year, and Anticipation for Fuse ‘23

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