Breaking Free From Retail Banking (with Carrie Gusmus) – Episode 138

Posted November 15, 2022

Gusmus meets the Hussbus in this week’s episode of Broker to Broker. JP Hussey sits down with Carrie Gusmus, the President and CEO  of Aslan Home Lending Corporation, a 100% female-led brokerage based in Denver, Colorado. In this episode,  they will discuss how to break yourself from the Retail and non-bank culture and steps to thrive in today’s market.

A veteran in the financial industry, Gusmus shares her advice to independent mortgage brokers: “Do not diminish yourself to having only a rate conversation.” They challenge listeners to effectively communicate the broker model to not only borrowers, but to originators in the Retail channel.

Gusmus also expands on Aslan’s business model and hiring practices by sharing her insights to building a successful brokerage. She urges all originators in the wholesale channel to expand their spheres of Influence and to stay vigilant when communicating the ups and downs of today’s market to clients and referral partners.

She leaves us with one resounding thought that solidifies her perspective — “I believe that people are good, but brokers are better.”

3:33 Journey from Financial Services

7:25 Cold Calling for Business

9:50 Transition from Retail Banking

15:58 AIME is the Association of Choice

19:00 Mindset for Today’s Market

22:53 Communicating the Broker Model

27:25 Now is the Time to Buy

34:00 Aslan Business Model

45:00 Utilizing Your Sphere of Influence

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