Episode 167: Mindset, Leadership, and Connection – Developing Relationships and Generating Mortgage Leads by Showing Up w/ Paige Hernandez, Heritage MTG Inc.

Posted July 18, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is joined by Paige Hernandez, Broker with Heritage MTG Inc.

Paige has had a life-long history in the real estate industry, growing up with her mother owning a real estate company, working numerous jobs around many different facets of mortgage, housing, and real estate, all until she landed back into becoming a mortgage broker in 2018.

Paige is a person of many different perspectives. She has the perspective of all the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. She has perspectives on being a mother. And she has the perspective to teach others with her transformative mindset coaching. She shares her knowledge and skills with the laws of attraction, and also, or having a healthy outlook; the best outlook on being a broker is focusing on the hundreds of things that do go right, as opposed to the very few things that could go wrong.

Paige is amazing at utilizing Facebook for lead generation, and shares some of her secrets with us: “I love Facebook. I have friends say “you’re always on your phone!” but, my phone makes me a lot of money. Facebook is really about connecting with people. I think I can build a trust factor by showing up. It’s like an automatic drip campaign. You interact with people, you’re in their algorithm and they’re in yours. I just educate a lot on Facebook and talk to people and share just what I’m doing. I’m a part of different Facebook groups that revolve around lending and real estate. I will tell you, this works like a charm. You’re showing up on social media. Do not look at your likes or the feedback you get. You have to get really good at showing up, and nobody responding. Don’t worry, people are watching. Then, somebody will post something about a loan. And I comment that I can help you out. Then, I take that same post, and I will send it to clients that I have in that group. And I say “Hey, do me a favor- can you comment on here?” Then, when you go to a post and you got five people of the 20 that are commenting “You have to use Paige!” and what’s great about that, it’s not just the one poster, it’s everybody else in that group is looking at it. So people start reaching out.”

Key Points:

1:07 – Starting in the Family Real Estate Business

5:05 – Dynamics of a Family-Owned, Family-Run Brokerage

7:31 -Transformational Mindset – The Importance of Perspective

17:23 – Control vs. Influence, Fear vs. Abundance

23:56 – Facebook as a Lead Generation Tool

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