Multiply Your Mortgage Business Through Standardized Operations w/ Kyle Koller – Episode 144

Posted January 10, 2023

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers sits down with a Mortgage Loan Officer at UMortgage, Kyle Koller.

Kyle shares his eclectic knowledge and expertise from both the professional and personal sides of the wholesale channel – from multiplying his overall business by streamlining his operations processes, to the unique and effective ways he’s able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Kyle acknowledges the pride and drive that comes with a successful position in the wholesale channel, and drives home the importance of utilizing your community and resources to take the best care of yourself. “Brokers are an amazing force. We can do so many great things and I feel like the sky’s the limit. And being able to turn that off sometimes is very hard.” He notes,  “Is being number one ruining your life balance? You’ve got to take a look in the mirror and realize, hey, I need to be the best dad tonight – I know on Monday I’m not going to be able to shut it off. Know your limitations, but also lean into what you have.”

Key Points:

0:00 Preparing for Hall of AIME 2023

3:16 From Dentistry to Mortgage Brokering

8:48 Streamlining Operations Through Pipeline Management 

13:38 Change Your Life with an Underwriter Cover Letter  

17:58 Phenomenal Operations by Leaning into Your Community

25:34 An Alter Ego to Carve Out a Work-Life Balance

This episode is sponsored by EPM

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