Episode 154: Creating Time to Build the Relationships that Grow your Mortgage Business w/ Tano Kapedani, CEO/Broker of EZ Fundings Home Loans

Posted March 21, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is joined by a master of pipeline management and relationship building, CEO/Broker of EZ Fundings Home Loans, Tano Kapedani!

Tano has been in the wholesale mortgage business for over 20 years. As an expert on delegation, Tano shares how to properly prioritize your own time. He’s honed and prioritized his brokerage’s structure to get the absolute most out of his precious time as a producing owner. 

What does Tano do with that time he’s earned back? He’s focusing on building strong relationships. Tano has made EZ Fundings massively successful because he’s learned how to effectively build relationships with peers and clients over his 2 decades in the industry.“I promise you this: 20 good relationships are better than 5000 likes. I don’t care if everybody knows me or not. What I care about is how the results are aligned with my efforts. Am I getting what I’m putting in? Am I influencing and accomplishing what I want to do? Am I changing the lives of people I’m meeting? This is what I care about.” Tano passes on how to both make time to form relationships, and the steps to building strong relationships. “Make sure that you create relationships so strong, that those you work with would be embarrassed to even consider working with somebody else.”

Key Points:

2:02 – The 2023 Housing Market, West to East Coast

7:14 – The Differences over 20 Years in the Industry

12:23 – Serving your Pipeline by Eliminating the Unknown

18:01 – Setting the Schedule to Run a Brokerage

22:41 – Own what You’re Doing in Policies & Procedures

31:20 – Delegation of Tasks, Paying to Save Yourself Time

39:43 – 20 Relationships over 5,000 likes- Becoming the Broker you Want to Be

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