Episode 166: Creating an Efficient, Repeatable Process For Your Brokerage w/ Cameron Harper, Broker Owner of California Mortgage Lending

Posted July 11, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is joined by Broker Owner of California Mortgage Lending, Cameron Harper

Cameron is high-energy, and high efficiency. This episode covers a lot of processes and procedures and marketing topics, and Cameron shares his effective strategies, execution processes, and their incredible results.

Cameron’s largest proponent is seeing the mortgage process through the eyes of the homebuyer, and services what they need that way. He doesn’t drown them in mortgage industry terminology, he takes the time to learn the finances and goals of his clients, and provides them with the exact information they need to meet their mortgage needs. He uses personalized videos, worksheets, and automation to ensure his clients know exactly what they want, but also need to know.

Cameron’s process and procedures pipeline is something he’s honed to near perfection. “It’s important to create a repeatable process. Henry Ford’s model of interchangeable parts. When he started building cars, the assembly line could manufacture cars much quicker, faster, more efficient than anyone else. So I try to have the same process on every single file. When I’m talking to a client, I say, ‘Look, I need you to tell me 2 of these 3 things: the sale price that you want. Monthly payment that you want. How much money you have for a down payment and closing costs’. When they give me that information, I price it out immediately, and send a two-minute video. I record my computer screen and explain everything about their loan costs. I go over a fee sheet attached in a PDF and I make these numbers make sense. The next step is I tell them to go to my website and fill out the application. Then I give them a list of everything I need. I’m not gathering all these documents and running credit costing time and money in their effort for them to say, oh, I need to just keep renting because it’s just too expensive. So I’m focusing on working on people that have already seen the numbers that I’ve shown to them. They can afford it. We can even talk about refinancing in a year or two when and if rates go down.”

Key Points:

2:47 – Getting Started in Refinance

5:39 – Never Burn a Bridge: The Importance of Retaining your Contacts

11:06 – More Broker Freedom, More Homebuyer Options

22:17 – Repeatable Processes & Automation

28:06 – The Value of Utilizing Video and Simplification in Processing33:38 Video – Consistent and Frequent over Perfection

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