Episode 160: Letting Things Grow By Letting Them Go: How to Foster Your Mortgage Business’ Skills, Staff, and Client Base w/ Elyin Perez, Broker Owner of ACE Lending Group

Posted May 2, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers is joined by the Broker Owner of ACE Lending Group, Elyin Perez.

Elyin hasn’t been in the wholesale channel long, but ever since going broker and joining the wholesale channel, Elyin and ACE Lending Group have made a substantial impact. Elyin is now a tenacious, driven, and prominent leader in the wholesale community. He leads by example, and has an adventurous willingness to continually try new or different strategies to find what works best for both his staff, and client base. ACE maximizes its backend to provide the best possible client experiences; “good enough” is not a term Elyin uses in his approach to systems, processes, and service.

Elyin utilized what he calls the “Break It Method,” which means he and his staff push to change even what works, to make it work even better. It’s an approach that invites his team to contribute to the way it functions, thus finding the best way for the team to collaborate. Strategies like this are how independent brokerages are able to compete with big banks and retail lenders, by remaining flexible and open to change. 

Elyin breaks down the “Break It Method” process, and how and why it works as a tool to foster the abilities of your staff: “When I say “break it,” I mean that we’re really changing. There will be days that we say, ‘All right, we’re going to try this.’ And then an hour later, we realized that was not a good idea. I take responsibility as the owner. Obviously, you need to have people that are willing to grow with you through those pains.I don’t care if it costs me money. I don’t care if it means I have to jump in to assist. You’ve got to be empowered to make decisions. I need to be able to run the business. And so going through that Break It Method, we just keep tweaking, tweaking, tweaking to make it better. I say, “What makes Amazon so special?” It’s their speed. They don’t actually have great service. It’s all automated. Their speed is what people are buying. They’re convenient. So we need to compete. We can deliver the speed & convenience that people need to feel like they’re talking to the right people to make the right decisions.”

Key Points:

1:20 – Breaking In as a Broker — from Auto, to Retail, to Opening ACE Lending

7:52 – Dynamics of Working with Loan Partners

12:08 – Tech for Mortgage Brokers: Systems and Processing

13:57 – The ‘Break It’ Method

18:41 – The Leadership Mindset: Letting Things Grow by Letting Them Go

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