Episode 152: Gratitude Creates Opportunity— Philanthropy as a Model for your Mortgage Business w/ Lamont Harris, Broker/Owner of Harris Capital Mortgage Group

Posted March 7, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is joined by an exceptional entrepreneur and member of the AIME community, Broker/Owner of Harris Capital Mortgage Group, Lamont Harris!

Lamont has his hands in many industries. Nonprofits, basketball teams, solar energy, and a brokerage of more than 80 staff members are just some of his endeavors. Lamont is able to successfully juggle all of these fields because he focuses on long-term sustaining practices. He actively fosters long-term relationships and prioritizes contributions to his communities.

By example, Lamont has taken it upon himself and for his staff at Harris Capital to stay hungry and humble by being active, contributing members of their local communities. Lamont himself is an expert on the VA VASH program, and takes the opportunity to spread awareness of this resource to homeless veterans in his community: “I look for areas of opportunity to actually meet with homeless veterans and educate them on this process, and walk them down the path of finding out whether they’re eligible or not. I don’t get any immediate gain from that. It’s not about that. It’s about taking somebody from not having housing at all, and being able to help them regain that sense of independence. So I look at it from a standpoint of, hey, it may not create something for me today. Doesn’t matter. It could possibly create something for me a few years from now. Once this person gets back on their feet, they’re working, they’re gainfully employed, I may have a VA loan in the future. Who knows? What I do know is I know that servitude begat gratitude, and gratitude creates opportunity. Right. So we don’t go into it looking for an opportunity. We go into it looking to serve.”

Key Points:

3:19 – Starting in the Industry By Accident

6:21 – Promoted Cross-Country, and Similarities of Timeshares and Mortgages

11:23 – Sustainability Through Relationships- from Retail to Independent

17:27 – Building Community, Staying Humble, and Staying Hungry as a Broker Owner

26:18 – FLAG: The  Financial Literacy Advocacy Group

33:02 – Balancing Multiple Businesses, and Keeping Everyone Happy

37:15 – Controlling the Controllables- Preparing for Opportunity

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