The Vital Importance of Remaining Heart-Forward in Your Mortgage Business w/ Brian Shields – Episode 148

Posted February 7, 2023

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers has an invigorating heart-to-heart with Broker Owner of Shields Family Home Loans and essential member of AIME’s Veteran Homeownership Committee, Brian Shields.

Brian shares exactly how he’s brought his marketing, his business, and his overall well-being to a new level through being ‘Heart Forward’ in everything he does. His social media presence and engagement are both incredible because he shares himself with his community. His peers, clients, and community all get to know him as a person just as much as they know his work. 

Brian shares his effective, time-tested strategy of sharing yourself and personal, daily life as the model for video content creation: “We don’t use it for marketing, we use it to provide for the communities and people that follow us. But, on the flip side, it does help because my audience realizes, ‘Oh, these are real, real people! They’re not scripted, and they’re not actors. So be as relatable as you can, very heart-forward. One of my favorite lines is ‘I don’t have to ask for business as long as everybody knows what I do’.”

“Go out and appreciate everything you got, and hold onto it with both hands.” Brian explains as he details his ‘Heart Forward’ way of engaging his clients that builds community and trust. “Give your clients the attention that they deserve.” Brian’s ‘Heart Forward’ approach exemplifies the core of what makes brokers great resources for their communities: “Give your clients the attention that they deserve. These people are leaning on us. They’re coming to you and me without even knowing who we are to say,’ Hey, I want you to handle me, my wife, and my kids buying a house.’ They’re giving you that trust. We can’t be desensitized to that. We’ve got to make sure that we’re appreciating that and giving everything that they deserve and more. And with that, they’ll never look anywhere else for mortgage assistance ever again.”

Key Points:

1:18 Starting the Broker Side Hustle, to the Broker Lifestyle

6:16 Sharing Yourself and Life as Video Marketing Strategy

11:11 Responding to Engagement to Create More Engagement

16:04 Treating Every Conversation as a New Relationship

21:04 Remaining ‘Heart Forward’ for Business and Mental Well-Being

27:27 Supporting those who Support You in the Community

This episode is sponsored by RCN Capital

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