Running an Elite Mortgage Company by Creating Community (with Joseph Shalaby and Sam Hijazin) – Episode 140

Posted November 29, 2022

On this episode of Broker to Broker, host Marc Summers sits down with two members of E Mortgage Capital Inc: Founder & CEO Joseph Shalaby, and President Sam Hijazin.

The three discuss Joseph and Sam’s unique yet similar perspectives of the mortgage industry, both having started their careers in the wholesale channel, neither having worked in retail before. They share their experiences and wisdom in navigating starting companies, establishing healthy workplace culture, and the grit mentality it takes to make it through Recessions and Pandemics with overall growth on the other side.

Joseph discusses how he maintains such a great working culture of mutual support within E Mortgage – even with its members spread across the country. “Even though you’re independent within this organization, you don’t feel like you’re independent. You’re part of something much bigger than you… One of our pillars is community; the whole company is one big community. We’re always helping each other get better.” Sam also shares the benefits of open communication and resource sharing leading to widespread success. “Our members follow the same mindset that Joe and I have, which is that mentality of abundance. Sharing your wins for the day, sharing things that are working for you with other people within the organization. That collaboration is really what makes this company special.”

Key Points:

1:22 Starting in Wholesale and Joining Forces

9:36 Growing your Business with Great Workplace Environment

13:52 Internal Systems and Processes

18:42 Nationwide Training, Support, and Community

27:03 Large-Scale Mindset and Culture

31:57 Favorite Parts of Fuse 2022 – The Year That Made Us Better

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