Episode 164: Proving Yourself as an Enduring Resource, Generating Evergreen Mortgage Leads w/ Kurt Strandson, Broker Owner of Pinnacle Mortgage Corp.

Posted May 30, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is joined by Broker Owner of Pinnacle Mortgage Corp, Kurt Strandson.

Kurt has a wealth of experience, insight, and influence. As the former president and chairman of the Mortgage Bankers and Brokers Association, with experience lobbying for broker and homeowner rights since the crash of 2008, Kurt brought his years of advocacy expertise and experience to his new role as the AIME Legislative State Captain of New Hampshire. 

Kurt shares not just his knowledge of advocating for homebuyers and his fellow brokers, but also his knowledge of running and scaling a successful, growing brokerage. Kurt’s strategy for organic lead generation by way of fostering relationships with his clients and community before, and especially after closing on homes, is his secret to evergreen referrals and leads. 

“We focus on customer experience throughout the transaction. Not just throughout the transaction, but after the transaction. Many companies will focus on going out and entertaining some realtors asking for the next new loan. We spend a lot of time on a yearly basis, 7 to 8 events a year, where we invite our most recent clients to events after they closed, and we’re formulating relationships with them. We’re inviting their families or kids. We do stuff in the local community and we’re building those relationships so they know that we care. It’s not ‘Oh, your loan is closed, we’re not going to see it for a long time’. Your first loan is done, and that’s how you build those lasting referral relationships. You’re providing a level of service. They come to us, with questions like, ‘Hey, I need a plumber,’ or ‘Hey I need a solar guy,’ or they’re coming back asking for referrals. It keeps that dialog going. So it’s not just a one-and-done transaction. And then that’s how you build some loyal relationships. They rely on you. They rely on you for your knowledge, your professionalism, your experience, and you’re able to provide that for more than just on a one transaction deal.” 

Key Points:

2:01 – Starting Out As a Broker in New England

7:31 – Broker Advocacy in Action

11:27 – Advocacy Strategies — Local to National

13:37 Why Employees and Homebuyers Go Broker

18:38 – Pinnacle’s Structure and Growth Strategy

22:36 – Lead Generation via Fostering Relationships

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