Episode 159: The Buck Stops with the Broker: Project Management for Mortgages w/ Allison Thenhaus, Mortgage Advisor/Broker at C2 Financial

Posted April 25, 2023

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On this episode of Broker to Broker, host JP Hussey is advised, informed, and inspired by Mortgage Advisor and Broker with C2 Financial, Allison Thenhaus!

Allison is known as a Mortgage Advisor for multiple brokerages for a great reason. Though only having been in the wholesale mortgage industry for a relatively short time, she has insight and knowledge beyond her years. Allison has a vast knowledge of systems & processes, customer service, ethics & values, and long-term market trends. 

Allison has done her research and has practical experience as a broker that sets an exceptional example for the rest of the broker channel, willingly taking on the wealth of responsibility that comes with being a broker, and using it to the best interests of her clients. Doing the hard work leads to long-term, and high-scale return business: “Ultimately, the buck stops with brokers. We’re like project managers of the loan; we’re reaching out for the title, to insurance, to the appraisers. If something happens that our borrower does not like, we fix it. Even if we didn’t make the mistake, even if it wasn’t our cost to incur. We’re really not in this for the transaction. I’m in this for every loan, so when we get a client, I want to make sure that I do every single loan you ever have for the rest of your life, every friend, every family member. If you hear of anyone that wants a loan, that’s my ultimate goal. We’re really after what’s best for our clients because we want them to come to us as advisors and know that we’re going to shop for the best deal for them. That’s why we’re brokers, ultimately.”

Key Points:

3:08 – The 2023 Mortgage Market & The Windows of Opportunity

7:07 – From the Equestrian to the Real Estate Industry

11:46 – Personal and Professional Responsibility for Brokers

14:22 – Recruiting, Systems and Services

21:28 – Bob Burg’s The Go-Giver Mentality: Saying Yes for the Right Reasons

30:25 Simplifying Processes to Handle More Volume & Save More Time

35:43 Preparing Investments for the Imminent Future of the Housing Market

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