Crafting Simple & Streamlined Processes & Procedures (with Jason Cecco) – Episode 68

Posted May 18, 2021

Pennsylvania Mortgage Broker Jason Cecco works hard to keep things simple, but he makes sure to always keep an open mind. Having successfully transitioned from an originating LO to CEO, Jason strives for new goals of perfecting processes, procedures, and company culture. 

Jason’s pipelines all move forward as a streamlined assembly line. Seller’s sell, Processor’s process, Appraisals appraise, and Closer’s close. With each team member an expert at their individual craft, they have more time to focus on what they do best. 

But Jason’s simplicity doesn’t just stop at the loan process. Proud of his company culture, Jason shares that its success is chiefly dependent on consistency. It starts on day one and it begins at the top. Highlight and reward every positive action and clarify negative ones. Holding people accountable using an LO scorecard, Jason measures accuracy and completeness of all files. These points allow each team member to manage themselves and adjust accordingly. 

Making the transition from originating LO to CEO was not the easiest for Jason. Constantly finding himself standing over his staff’s shoulders, it wasn’t until he created clear expectations and put together a support staff, that he was finally able to step back and better focus on being a true Broker/Owner. Jason got comfortable with being uncomfortable. Having now zeroed in on what’s worked for him in the past, Jason is always on the lookout for the future. There are a thousand ways to succeed in this constantly changing wholesale industry, and Jason is simply trying to do right by both his employees and their clients. 

Show Notes:

  • Intro To The Wholesale Channel (1:42)
  • Processes & Procedures (5:30)
  • Techstack (15:20)
  • Onboarding/Training (20:17)
  • Company Culture (26:16)
  • Broker Advice (33:39)
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