Putting Systems & Processes In Place FOR EVERYTHING (with Adriana Bates) – Episode 59

Posted March 16, 2021

Ivy League Graduate Adriana Bates knows exactly what she wants. She’s worked her entire career to chisel down and fine tune every process and system to perfection. From prospecting clients to working through her loan pipeline to post-close, Adriana leaves no stone unturned. Tune into this week of Broker To Broker as Adriana shares her secrets to success.

Trying to simplify a complicated process, Adriana realized that we think better when we break down everything into tangible pieces. But that’s not possible without KPI’s. With measurable KPIs you can lean into the actions that are working well, and you can put money and support behind those that aren’t. Adriana also hosts weekly 15 minute one on one meetings with her staff, so they can review their KPI’s and make real time adjustments, instead of waiting for quarterly or yearly reviews. 

For example, Adriana found that of the clients they lost, most left after applying, but before they found a house, or while they were still crunching refi numbers. As a result, Adriana ramped up and revitalized LO-to-client communication during this time frame. She increased touchpoints and tried different types of communication, including text and social media. Keeping them engaged during this entire process led to stronger client retention. 

This doesn’t happen overnight, and no two brokers are the same. Take your time and learn what works best for you, but be purposeful in your actions. Listen to this week’s episode of Broker To Broker to find out how you can customize your processes and systems for optimal success. 

Show Notes: 

  • Systems & Process Overview (2:23)
  • Loan Pipeline (18:00)
  • Post-Close (34:06)
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