Optimizing Networking Opportunities For Long-Term Growth (with Teena Broumand) – Episode 62

Posted April 6, 2021

Now fully coming into her own as a broker, California Mortgage Broker Teena Broumand is taking the next step, with the help of AIME, Brokers Are Better, & Women’s Mortgage Network communities. Teena shares that before she found AIME, she felt she repeated her first year as a broker for five years in a row. She needed help, but couldn’t know what she didn’t know and she didn’t know who to reach out to for help. But a few years later now, and with many networking events under her belt, Teena is now reaching out to mentor others. 

Teena credits the very first AIME event in Irvine California in 2017 as her “A-ha!” moment. Close to leaving the mortgage industry entirely, Teena instead found a community teeming with support and passion. Even though she was somewhat reluctant to reach out to complete strangers at first, Teena is now an event networking expert. She shares many networking tips in this episode of Broker To Broker but her go to rules for getting the most out of any event is creating challenges for yourself. Show up with the intent to learn 3-5 new things, make 10 meaningful conversations, and walk in with 100% openness. 

The power behind a strong community, Teena mentions, is its diverse members. Especially in the wholesale channel, there are a thousand right ways to do business, but to customize your processes, procedures, and general loan experience, you have to learn about your options first hand. Once scraping by on the minimum, Teena’s production has quadrupled, but instead of being complacent, Teena is already working on the next steps to build her business even higher. 

Coming from a town of mostly retail, Teena now knows she isn’t alone in the mortgage industry. With multiple strong communities behind her, Teena is ready to walk into the unknown and come out on top. 

Show Notes: 

  • Intro To The Wholesale Channel (1:38)
  • Networking (14:26)
  • Marketing (23:59)
  • Audience Q&A (28:28)
  • Advice For Struggling Brokers (39:34)
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