How To Save Time & Identify Your Pain Points (with Jackie Dunlap) – Episode 47

Posted October 20, 2020


Producing Broker/Owner Jackie Dunlap does not hold back. She worked hard to get here and she’s just getting started. Once a retail “scrubber,” as her position was called at the time, Jackie is now the shining example of how (and why) to transfer to the wholesale channel. 

Backed into a wall by end of year call reports, Jackie felt overwhelmed and borderline hopeless. With seemingly nowhere else to go, Jackie simply asked for help. This is when everything changed. The Brokers Are Better community came out in full force, immediately giving Jackie a referral, and starting her on a path that would help her secure her financial future. By simply “being in the room” as Jackie puts it, she was able to listen and learn from the best. 

She identified her pain points, revaluated her processes and procedures, and started thinking long-term. By giving up short term gains, Jackie was able to expand her reach and perfect her training process. With a plan in place, she now finds it easier to trust her staff and delegate accordingly. She also invested money in tech, which helped relieve some pressure off her processors and loan officers. 

Jackie Dunlap has carved out her section of the housing industry. Starting from the bottom, she rose through the ranks, and continues to adapt her business to these very different and strange times. Putting her money where her mouth is and betting on herself, Jackie Dunlap has successfully played the long-game.

Show Notes: 

  • Journey Into The Industry (5:36)
  • When & How To Reach Out For Help (19:09)
  • Using Quarantine To Your Advantage (30:17)
  • Future Of The Industry (38:42)

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