How To Successfully Utilize AIME & The Brokers Are Better Facebook Group (with Andrew Kunisawa) – Episode 48

Posted October 27, 2020

Having been in and out of the industry since the early 90’s, California Mortgage Broker Andrew Kunisawa has only recently transitioned back to the wholesale channel. Instead of just shyly standing in the corner and surviving off the minimal amount of loans he needed, Andrew has taken full advantage of all the tools and resources that weren’t available to him back when he first got into the business. While he does share his thanks for us here at AIME, Andrew’s main source of growth is directly linked to the Brokers Are Better Facebook group. 

Back in what Host JP Hussey refers to as the “Wild West” of lending, mortgage brokers and loan officers had nowhere to go if they had a loan or compliance issue and barely knew what was happening in the world of mortgages outside of their small communities. Now with the help of Brokers Are Better, Andrew has been able to successfully take advantage of what he believes is the most important part of the modern loan process: networking. 

Upon discovering AIME and the Brokers Are Better movement, not just did Andrew find an entire community he could lean on for virtually anything, mortgages or otherwise, Andrew began to understand his full potential. Fully content with his 3-4 loans a month goal, Andrew began connecting with top producering brokers who were processing 35-40 loans a month all by themselves. Just being shown that it was even possible was enough for Andrew to believe in himself and push himself further than he ever had before. Now closing in on over 10 loans just this month, Andrew didn’t even necessarily work harder, he worked smarter. He used all of the tools that he wasn’t aware existed before discovering AIME and Brokers Are Better. 

After attending an AIME Fuse event with entrepreneur and social media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee), Andrew took all his newly learned social media tips to heart, sharing and posting all the time and not worrying about likes or comments. While bolstering your online reputation and putting yourself out there is important, it really all comes down to results and referrals. A completely random friend, someone who never commented or liked any of Andrew’s posts, simply reached out one day and said he needed a loan. There’s a million ways to succeed in this industry, you just have to commit to yourself and your beliefs, and success is sure to follow. And if you ever have any doubts, or questions, or concerns, know that there is a family of thousands just waiting to lend out a helping hand. 

Andrew learned to lean into this community of like-minded individuals who all just want to do what is right for the consumer, from brand-new or recently-transitioned loan officers to Scotsman Guide top producers and leadership from the top lenders across the country. In this community, everyone is treated as equals and are willing to help out anyone and everyone with the end-goal of always doing what’s right. 

Join Andrew Kunisawa and JP Hussey in this week’s episode of Broker To Broker to learn how you can also take advantage of this amazing community and help homeowners and borrowers nationwide.

Show Notes: 

  • Broker Beginnings (1:22) 
  • The Importance of Networking (8:19)
  • Taking Advantage of AIME & The Brokers Are Better Facebook Group (15:15)
  • The Power Of Positivity (26:45)
  • Social Media Marketing for Beginners (35:18)
  • No, Seriously, Take Advantage of AIME & The Brokers Are Better Facebook Group (42:42)
  • The Future Of The Wholesale Channel (46:55)

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