Investing In Yourself, Your Community, & Your Team (with David Boye) – Episode 64

Posted April 20, 2021

Montana Mortgage Broker David Boye does things right. He is an active member of his community, he treats his team like family, and he holds the consumer above all else. Listen in to this week’s episode of AIME’s Broker To Broker Podcast as David shares his unique way to stand out in the community, how to surround yourself with co-workers who care about each other, and how to build a client referral network so big, you won’t need to market to anyone else. 

While talking to another local entrepreneur, David was shocked to learn that they weren’t going to pay for an ad in a local paper. “But the whole town sponsor’s it,” David said. The entrepreneur responded with “exactly.” Sharing a great tip, the entrepreneur said that he only sponsors events where he is the sole sponsor. Using this advice, David donated a relatively small amount of money to a local group, but because they didn’t have any other sponsorships even remotely close to that amount, they named an entire event after David’s Black Diamond Mortgage. A client came in the door not long after, sharing that he was so grateful that someone would support a good cause, and he wanted to be associated with that business. 

And this is Black Diamond Mortgage’s specialty. David doesn’t court realtors. His marketing is almost entirely direct-to-consumer. Each client is another referral who can bring on another referral. Local sponsorships go a long way here, but so does staying active on social media, especially during COVID quarantine. He makes sure to sprinkle, but not flood, his Facebook page with mortgage related posts, and finds that his personal page has gotten him a lot more business than his business page. His team members do the same. 

His team brings on lots of clients because of their willingness to be open and honest on social media. That approach follows them into the office as well, and David claims that this is what makes them such a great team. They are open, honest, and personally invested in each other’s lives. When they get up, they want to go to work. They genuinely want to spend their days with each other. 

David Boye is a quintessential broker. He isn’t some cookie cutter banker in a suit working nine to five. David is a valued member of his community, surrounded by a family of mortgage professionals, all of whom work tirelessly year after year to do right by the american homeowner.

Show Notes: 

  • Intro To The Wholesale Channel (1:38)
  • Hiring & Growth Management (6:43)
  • Team Culture & Relationship Marketing (18:12)
  • Social Media Marketing (26:45)
  • Mortgage Broker Advice (36:27)
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