Time-Blocking & Day-Theming: How To Achieve A Work/Life Balance (with Rocky Billore) – Episode 73

Posted June 22, 2021

Michigan Mortgage Broker Rocky Billore was known as the guy who was in the office till nine at night, but there IS a better way of achieving your goals. He hasn’t just found a way to balance his residential and commercial businesses alongside his two hotels. Rocky found a way to get back home to his family. Rocky road-mapped and time-blocked his way towards spending quality time with those he loves. 

Recruited off the selling floor of Best Buy by a retail bank, Rocky was eventually forced to try and do a cash-out refinance for an elderly woman that didn’t need it. Her closing costs were going to far exceed the amount of cash she was going to be able to pull out, so he chose not to close the deal. After being berated in front of his co-workers, Rocky left to do the right things for good people. 

Rocky credits his success to time-blocking and day-theming. “If it’s good enough for the fortune 500 companies, why wouldn’t I give it a shot,” he shares. He took two weeks to analyze his work schedule, taking meticulous notes, and especially being on the lookout for whenever he found himself deviating from his job. He found that there was no time to be proactive when he was always being reactive. But Rocky also found the biggest issue was at home. He recounts a specific situation when he got home too late to give his kid a bath and he shares that his wife would be mad because he wasn’t always able to come through on his promises. But by taking a step back, and creating a solid base from which to change and grow, Rocky has been able to not just build a successful brokerage, but be a part of a family.

The rest of the episode is full of all sorts of tips and tricks for brokers trying to specialize in all sorts of different business models. Rocky and Marc discuss their tech stacks, how to develop a company culture, and the benefits of becoming VettedVA. But whatever your goals are, Rocky recommends reaching out to an established broker. Pick their brain, ask what they would do in certain situations, or even ask them to be your mentor. 

We’ve developed a community here at AIME. We are all on the same team with the same goal of trying to better the entire wholesale channel. Go out and meet your fellow broker, learn and share from each other. Or as Rocky puts it, “go out for a beer with one of your local brokers, they are not your competition.”


  • Intro To The Wholesale Channel (1:21)
  • Work/Life Balance (4:14)
  • Company Culture (12:42)
  • Tech Stack (18:50)
  • Advice for Brokers (25:29)

This episode is sponsored by First Look Appraisals.

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