Rising To The Challenge: Combating Adversity For The Sake Of The Consumer (with D.C. Terry) – Episode 52

Posted January 26, 2021

Since middle school, D.C. Terry wanted to be a Marine, so he became a Marine. Then, knowing he wanted to work for himself, and with the goal of buying his mother a home, he started to dabble in the housing industry. Now, with 20 years of experience and his own successful brokerage, D.C. has a new goal, to leave an everlasting legacy and to make an impact in his community. Listen to this week’s episode of Broker To Broker to find out how he has surpassed all of his previous goals, what new goals he has decided to set, and how he has faced and overcome adversity along the way. His main advice? Decide what you want in life, and use the mortgage industry to build that life. 

D.C.’s bread and butter are challenging loans. Loans for potential homeowners that need a little more TLC. He started down this path early on in his career when he decided to embrace the “turn-down bin” as an up-and-coming LO. He leveraged these ignored customers to become a top broker. But as D.C. put’s it, “I’m looking at more than just a file, I see a story.” By taking some extra time to read through more lender guidelines, and building relationships with different AE’s, D.C. was, in many cases, able to find simple fixes and find people homes. It’s not always easy but D.C. advises brokers to be upfront, let consumers know that it isn’t going to be a quick and painless process, but that everything will end up okay on the other side. He also mentions that this business model isn’t the best for someone trying to build something fast, but for someone who is trying to build something strong. 

That’s where education comes in. D.C. has tried to make some helpful videos, and does his best to stay active and be sincere on social media, but what has worked best for him, is to have direct one-on-ones with clients and to bring them through the entire process A through Z. 

D.C. Terry shares with us so many incredibly insightful stories during this episode of Broker To Broker, but he admits that his way isn’t the only way, and those that want to copy and paste his model really have to have heart. They really have to want to help people, to never give up, never retreat or surrender, and to always put the borrower first. 

Show Notes: 

  • Intro Into The Industry (2:08)
  • Challenging Loans (11:07)
  • How To Educate Your Consumers (20:09)
  • Marketing & The Community (26:28)
  • Advice For All Mortgage Brokers (33:43)
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