Building Your Team With Ultimate LOAs (with Sean Caufield) – Episode 63

Posted April 14, 2021

Growing up, New York Mortgage Broker Sean Caufield had only negative connotations associated with the mortgage industry. As a kid, his parents’ house went into short sale and his grandmother took out a reverse mortgage without telling anyone, resulting in a hefty balloon payment. Sean’s first introduction to working through the loan process wasn’t much different. He was thrown into the industry as a telemarketer, and with no guidance, was tossed a book of random leads. Not enough knowledge led to no confidence, and no deals. Discouraged, he left the industry to help down syndrome adults in assisted living. And this is where Sean learned what he does best. He helps people. 

Returning to the industry, Sean became a shining example of what AIME is all about. He built his resume through five and half years as a Loan Officer Assistant and built the confidence to consider himself one of the best LOA’s in the country. His biggest piece of advice is not getting hung up on the word assistant. “Assistant” can have some negative connotations of its own, but you get as much knowledge and experience from the position as you put in. Show up early, stay late, and always be ready to learn. Sean treated his LO’s business as his own, learning every in and out from application to close. He learned how to communicate, to set proper expectations, and to underpromise and overdeliver. He learned that organization is everything, and to always PICK UP YOUR PHONE. He now pairs up with green LOA’s and helps train them using the same tactics that got him to where he is today. Over-the-shoulder mentorship has adapted to screen-sharing during COVID, but the fundamentals are still the same; watch and learn. But it’s also the Broker’s job to invest in their team. LOA’s are an extension of the brokerage. Invest in the person, provide proper training, and pay everyone accordingly. A few well-trained and respected LOA’s can completely transform a Broker’s client and referral list. 

A lifelong athlete, Sean understands the significance of a proper team. This doesn’t mean always hiring the BEST. A single selfish player can undermine an entire team, but a group of people who trust and respect each other knows no bounds. When a group becomes a team, everyone knows their role. They can lean into their strengths, find their weaknesses, and lean on each other to help fill in the cracks. 

Growth is not a single player game. Respect and support each other for the benefit of the entire wholesale channel. A rising tide lifts all boats. 

Show Notes: 

  • Intro To The Wholesale Channel (1:38)
  • The Ultimate LOA (6:36)
  • Building A Successful Team (19:38)
  • Tips For All Mortgage Brokers (27:56)
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