From Homeless To Selling Home Loans: How To Build Your Business By Being Authentic (with Collin Simpson) – Episode 74

Posted June 29, 2021

Born in Flint, raised in rural Arkansas, and now back in Michigan, Nexa Mortgage Broker Collin Simpson claims “there isn’t a person you can put in front of me that I can’t build a relationship with…whatever situation you’re in, if I haven’t been there, I’ve been close to there and i know a little something about it.” And this is how Collin finds success. He’s upfront, clear, and concise with his clients. Whether it’s across the closing table or virtually through social media, Collin goes out of his way to connect with potential borrowers, educate them, and hopefully create a genuine and authentic relationship. 

Buying a home is taxing and complicated. It’s not easy to simply trust someone you don’t know with your personal finances. And the process can be made even harder with the many misconceptions that stem from television ads, internet articles, or even family and friends. Instead of ignoring the client’s fears or simply relaying that this is just the way it is, Collin recognizes and validates his client’s concerns, and then takes the extra step of explaining how the process works and why it works this way. He eases tensions and finds a common ground. “You and I are on a team together, and we are asking a lender to loan us $200,000, they’re gonna have questions” is a go-to answer for Collin that really seems to get the point across. “Go the extra mile to let them know that their information is safe with me. I’ve closed so many clients who had the same concerns that you have. You’re not the first, you certainly won’t be the last, but we will get the job done, because my name is on the loan as well.” Give them lots of decisions, let them feel in control, and don’t listen to respond, listen to understand. Now, he hasn’t only educated his client, he’s created an advocate as well. 

One of Collin’s main goals throughout the homebuying process is that he doesn’t want anyone to forget that they’re working with Collin Simpson. One of the best places Collin has found to both market his business and be his true authentic self is through social media. Particularly by livestreaming on Facebook. Collin just shares a 5-10 minute snapshot of his life, but makes sure to share some business info as well. Whether it’s biking around his neighborhood checking out nice houses or showing off his kids, he makes sure to mention that if anyone ever has any questions about buying or refinancing a home, he’s their guy. Collin once shared a personal story about wanting to be a better grandson for his grandmother, and within a week, that video had 2,000+ views and he was getting messages from around the country from people who said the video resonated with them. But that doesn’t mean you need to share your entire life story online either. Do what feels right and be your authentic self. As Collin says it’s “just about connecting with people.”

Collin ends the podcast with a tip he learned from his grandmother that he has used to run his business. “If you do things the right way,  you’ll get your slice of the pie without stepping on people’s toes or offending people…Be kind.”


  • Intro To The Wholesale Channel (1:46)
  • Educating Borrowers (7:17)
  • Authenticity & Social Media (16:04)
  • Advice for Brokers (31:14)

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