Selling Loans The Right Way (with Lauren Boland) – Episode 69

Posted May 25, 2021

Sitting at her desk in Southern California, next to her signed picture of Pete Rose, in her office at the edge of a referral-goldmine country club, Broker Owner Lauren Boland joins us for another incredible episode of Broker To Broker. In detailing her years of mortgage experience, Lauren shares how to network, where to find referrals, and how to sell without applying pressure. 

Lauren loves to sell, but asserts that it’s not about the deal. It’s all about the relationship. “There’s nothing greater than when you meet someone who doesn’t know you,” Lauren says. “You meet them, you educate them, you gain their trust, and you do what you say you’re going to do, and you close the deal. There’s no greater feeling.” 

Lauren’s biggest networking tip? Get to know your audience. Local business people attending a Chamber of Commerce event are different from retirees on golf outings. Tailor your approach to different groups’ wants and needs.

Lauren used to be the only woman on the sales floor. She had to work as hard as possible to achieve her well-earned honors in the male dominated mortgage industry. Active in the Women’s Mortgage Network (WMN) Facebook page, Lauren now provides other’s with the aid and assistance she never had. From handshakes to clear-to-close, Lauren shares weekly tips and tricks for all the new up and coming LO’s out there. 

Just like Lauren, the Wholesale Channel has worked its way up the ladder. And with 80% of the market still up for grabs, there’s so much growth for us to share. Bring in new LO’s and train them from the ground up. Reach out a helping hand and take time out of your day to provide value for your community. It’s up to us to develop, bolster, and secure the future of this channel. Brokers are better, together.

Show Notes:

  • Intro To The Wholesale Channel (1:33)
  • Selling The Right Way (18:20)
  • Networking (32:43)
  • Broker Advice (44:40)

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