Relationship 101: Building A 100% Referral Based Brokerage (with Mary Mattingly) – Episode 67

Posted May 11, 2021

California Mortgage Broker Mary Mattingly battled through the trenches to get to where she is today. As a single mother, she took any industry position she could get. Having difficulty finding the perfect brokerage that shared her core value of selflessness, Mary decided to open up her own shop. She is now a 100% referral-based business, a valued member of her community, and an exemplary AIME member.

Never paying for marketing or leads, Mary has focused her entire business on building genuine relationships with her community. She learns about her client’s kids, hobbies, and their short and long-term goals. During COVID these connections have been as simple as a text message, but her relationships extend far beyond digital communication. Mary volunteers at local police and fire events, as well as at a local organization for single homeless moms. Struggling financially at one point herself “it just doesn’t seem right to NOT give back,” she shares.

She attributes her success to not selling herself short. She simply invests in her community, “shows them where (her) heart is” and eventually her community invests in her. Once clients come in the door, her goal is to show a potential borrower that this isn’t just some run-of-the-mill bank encounter where you’re going to be tossed between ten people over months and months. This is a one-on-one experience with someone who genuinely cares.

Mary leaves the audience with some parting advice. She failed over and over again to reach her current level of independent success. She has learned to not worry about other people’s pipelines. Even if you have one loan, make that loan your life. Do the best you possibly can with what’s in front of you, and success is sure to follow.

Show Notes:

  • Intro To The Wholesale Channel (1:45)
  • Building Her Book Of Business (8:37)
  • Mary’s Processes & Procedures (19:15)
  • Training Tips (28:34)
  • Broker Advice (34:48)
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