Tackling Transparency: Culture, Branding, and Community Outreach (with JP Hussey) – Episode 50

Posted November 24, 2020

We’re flipping the switch for this very special milestone episode of Broker To Broker as AIME President Marc Summers interviews former host and Philadelphia Mortgage Broker, JP Hussey. Championing complete and utter transparency above all else, JP has learned that the only way to successfully have a work/life balance is to shoot straight and be yourself. If you feel good, you work good. 

Creating the right company culture is one of the many pillars to building a successful brokerage. A family business, The Hussey Team Mortgage Advisors started out as JP and his brother Nick. While their numerous fun and games can be witnessed through their many videos on Facebook and in the Brokers Are Better Facebook group, JP reveals that this fun acts as a stress reliever. As JP puts it, mortgages are hard, so you have to be able to let loose so you can relax and reset between transactions. JP also puts emphasis on transparency here, noting that co-workers have to be able to speak freely about their feelings and frustrations. Without this, productivity slows, and clients suffer as a result. 

JP has been able to create what few other brokers have successfully done; created a unique and successful brand. “Hop on the HussBus to homeownership” is the Hussey Team’s motto. It acts as a call to all potential borrowers to not just become clients, but to actually become a part of the team. All Hussey Team homeowners get a customized shirt jersey with the year they closed on the back. JP even mentions that he gets calls all the time from people seeing his shirt out in the wild. 

Another important pillar of running a successful brokerage is community outreach. Besides being THE local expert in your area, you also have to go out and actively support your community. JP provides food for those in need, and sponsors and coaches a local little league team. And while the goal isn’t to grow your business or measure an ROI, it is still selfish. It feels good to help other people, and when you feel better you do your job better. 

In this episode of Broker To Broker, AIME President and Active Mortgage Broker Marc Summers takes the reins and grills former host, and Broker/Owner JP Hussey about his fun but hard-working culture, his unique and successful brand, and his multiple channels of community outreach. 

Show Notes: 

  • Retail and Wholesale Beginnings (2:15)
  • Cultivating Culture (11:52)
  • Building A Successful Brand (21:38)
  • Community Outreach (26:14)
  • Processes and Procedures (31:13)
  • Tips For New Brokers (39:34)

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