Show, Don’t Sell: Developing Leads Into Referral Relationships (with Michael Alberico) – Episode 70

Posted June 2, 2021

VettedVA Mortgage Broker Michael Alberico is a Broker’s Broker. He keeps it simple, leans into what works, and makes sure not to waste his time and resources. He does some marketing, stays up to date on guidelines, and becomes an advisor to his clients, making sure to never over complicate the process for himself or his borrowers. 

A good name out the gate, like Raleigh Mortgage Group, definitely helps when it comes to google and SEO, but marketing only brings people in the door. It’s how Mike develops leads into relationships that has helped make Raleigh Mortgage Group a referral based business. “Shoot everybody straight, (be) honest, and set proper expectations…it’s simple.” Don’t be salesy, don’t tell them you’re an expert, show them. Mike shares some examples of clients coming in with retail preapprovals. Instead of trying to steal the deal by simply offering better rates, Mike becomes a true advisor. He breaks down the process and explains to new clients that while they might be able to afford their max payments a month, they may not want to, and there might even be programs better suited for their situations.

Mike parts the podcast with some words of advice. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, be the best at what you can do. Do the most you can with every opportunity (and) just put in the effort.”


  • Intro To The Wholesale Channel (1:48)
  • Referrals vs Leads (5:13)
  • Marketing (21:06)
  • Guidelines (34:12)
  • Final Piece of Advice (41:59)

This episode is sponsored by Homepoint Financial.

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